Bend Launches Golden Abyss “Black Market”

[drop2]One of the things we love most about Uncharted: Golden Abyss is the abundance of collectibles scattered throughout the game, over 300 in total.

However, some of the more hard-to-get treasures called Bounties are randomly dropped by enemies during the campaign, some of which are incredibly rare. To help players overcome this barrier, Bend has established the Black Market, an in-game NEAR application.


Players can put out requests for a Bounty they are missing. If someone who has the required Bounty responds then a copy of that particular treasure is passed on, Bend also promising rewards for those who aren’t lucky enough to receive a response.

It’s an interesting system, and if you happen to be one of the many trophy hunters out there, using the Black Market is a definitely a shortcut on the road to platinum. Hopefully Bounties won’t be too taxing on those who lack a local Vita player-base with which to trade items.

You can read our full review of Uncharted Golden Abyss here.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. Interesting way of building a community around an SP experience, develop this right and it could be a great thing for devco and customer alike.

  2. Sadly though, without using the black market; you can’t get all of the collectible’s, or the platinum. I do love the idea though.

    • That’s not true. Using the Black Market will only make you able to get the platinum quicker.

  3. Really neat idea. Would suck if you lived out in the wops, or if your the only one in the area with a vita though. But there is mention of rewards for non responses, so perhaps you will be covered either way!

    • Yeah, if they hadn’t rewarded people who didn’t get responses it would be so mean! I also just found out (slightly OT) that 3g vita buyers in the US get Super Stardust, whereas we get Wipeout! :D

  4. I doubt I’ll be near anyone (depending on radius), so looks like I’d need many playthrough to obtain all 300! Sounds kind of annoying if you want all the trophies :(

  5. Like the idea of this just enough people in my area buy a Vita.

  6. Sounds great. Something different at least.

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