Guild Wars 2 May Be Coming To Consoles

Fansite, Guild Wars Insider, took the time to pick apart a recent NCSoft conference call in which the possibility of a Guild Wars 2 console version was discussed briefly. Regarding the topic one representative stated:

When it comes to Guild Wars 2 as we have announced already, we are in the preparation stage. For other titles we are looking at various options as we speak. So once again, nothing has been finalized yet for me to make specific comments now.

As the quote clearly denotes, this is no confirmation a console port.


Prior to the quote, NCSoft also discussed the extension of its products via iOS, Android, and other mobile devices; other MMOs including Rift and World of Warcraft also have officially apps allowing players to access in-game content on the go.

Though this seems like the most likely route, don’t forget that Blizzard has only recently made a move for the console market by announcing the third instalment Diablo, one of the PC platform’s most valued properties, for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Source: Guild Wars Insider



  1. hope it comes to ps3, unlike witcher 2 which they said is coming to both consoles but yet the ps3 version is still undecided

  2. i’d love to see it on console.
    i’d think a ps3 version would be more likely unless ms have relaxed their rules a little.
    from what other mmo makers have said that doesn’t sound likely

  3. While it would be good if it came to console, just that mmorpg’s don’t tend to work well on consoles and even if they do it’s a better experience on pc’s

    • I do agree with you, even if it comes to consoles it’s a good news for players, but PS3 and Xbox 360 are old steels, whether they port it perfectly there will still be some framerate lag issues and lack of buttons (I just wish Guild Wars 2 supports Mouse and keyboard… example. UT3)

      • Now that would be interesting… Cross platforming as well. That would be pretty good

    • After playing DC Universe Online for a while, I feel that the PS3 version was more my taste and felt superior, so it is possible to do an MMO on PS3 and do it quite well.

  4. It’ll better off being only on the PC platform, wouldn’t work on consoles.

    • How so? Final Fantasy XI and DC Universe seem to do just fine on consoles.

  5. That’s GREAT!
    I’ll still be playing it on the PC, but if a PS3 version comes out in the future and convince me that it doesn’t suck, I’ll happilly get that version as well.

  6. omg they mean… gay wars 2.

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