PS3 Firmware 4.11 Appears

A new system software update for the PS3 has appeared, taking the console to version 4.11.

The firmware “improves certain aspects of system software” apparently, which is nice.  Some users have suggested this fixes the non-deletion of PS1 and Minis titles from the PS3 after downloading.


PlayStation say the update is optional, although I was forced to download it before the PS3 would connect to my Vita.



  1. optional as in mandatory

    • Uhh yeah no idea where the optional part comes from.

      • from the us blog apparently, the update is apparently optional in the us.

  2. I just went to sign in and it wouldn’t let me until I’d downloaded it. Mandatory update for me.

    • Apparently its optional for those all important Americans, but mandatory for us in Eu. Goodnight.

  3. I hope it fixes the bug that i got since the last update… I have a ps3 wireless headset and the last update did something weird where the mic is permanently on and feeding back through the headphones. Mute didn’t work either, so had to disable the mic in the PS3 settings. Really strange to hear amplified button presses and my own breathing on loading screens haha!

  4. One of the great things about PS+ membership is that it downloaded last night, I just wish it would install at the same time.

    • Where as I had to suffer the humiliation of pressing a button and waiting 5 minutes.

      • lol, head down and bottom lip out

    • is that a program for PC? Sorry if my question is stupid.

  5. It’s optional as long as you don’t want to sign in to PSN.

  6. So your PS3 is alive again eh Alex?

  7. Yeah mine was the obligatory mandatory optional option lol

  8. Off topic question, does anyone have a problem deleting PS1 memory card save files, because mine doesn’t show up after i maneuver to “Game, Memory Card Utility” it just says “Create a new memory card” which i can’t even make a new one…*sigh*. Looks like i have to delete the old way…from in-game Xenogears. I hope Sony fix this.

  9. Waste of time update

    • No, not really. Doesnt take long to do it and if it fixes issues, whats the problem?

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