WipEout 2048 Patch Now Live for Europe

Just a quick post to say that the patch to reduce load times in WipEout 2048 is now live for Europe. Also included in the update are “bug fixes” and a new music track, titled “Beelzedub”.

The patch weighs in at 34mb, although it is taking forever to download. I’ll update this article with my impressions on the load times soon(ish).


Update: The patch makes a big difference. A Zone challenge loaded in about 25 seconds, with a normal race loading in about 36 seconds.

Thanks, Wotta



  1. great but will is sort out my wonkey cock!

    • PLease esend pictures to Doctor Tuffcub at the usual address.

  2. How will patching work out when the patch is bigger than the (imho stupid) 3G limit? Does it apply to patches too so that a hotspot is needed?

    • That’s a very good question, I really hope they get rid of (or at least increase) the limit soon, as I’m going to be mostly on 3G only for the next month.

      • I get that they should have a limit, but they really need to allow the user to override it if they have a subscription with a high monthly quota. (Hidden behind a password so parents can prevent their kids from raising the limit without permission)

      • Any subscription would be a contract anyway meaning you’d have to be over 18.

  3. Was getting this anyway, but it’s good to see the load times are shorter. Wonder why it was so long in the first place.

    • They may have had more important issues to sort before release date, or laziness.

  4. I just watched a clock tick off 25 seconds. Felt a long time, too long for a hand-held. It’s good that they’re doing something about it but it still need work, if not for this then for future games.

    • I know, it’s mad. 25 seconds is nothing, imagine if you were told you only had 25 seconds to do something. But if you have to stop and wait for 25 seconds it feels like forever. The mind is a funny thing.

    • It’s still a HUGE improvement over the loading times we saw originally (56 seconds to load a race is now down to 36, so around 33% quicker). It brings it back down and much closer to other launch titles.

      It’s still something Sony needs to look at addressing. There must be some system firmware that can be tweaked to speed these things up by a few more seconds, but really it’s a limitation of the hardware running from memory cards vs. the flash memory in a smartphone.

    • 25 seconds is nothing really.

  5. Orbital!!!

  6. Still seems a bit too long IMO.

    • imo it isn’t big deal if its under a minute, maybe in time they’ll get shorter but if it isn’t too long then its okay.

  7. For retail games, do patches install on the Vita game cards or do they take up space on the memory card?

    • thats a good question I guess it depends on each game…but Argh.. I hope they don’t dump the Vita with loads of patches…

  8. .Thank god for the patch!

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