Terraria Development Stops as Re-Logic Moves On

Terraria dev Re-Logic has announced that development on Terraria has finished. Speaking in a forum post on the official Terraria forums, the game’s creator, Redigit, has announced that there will be no future updates to Terraria, barring at least one more bugfix.

Naturally, this has hit the Terraria community quite hard, partly due to the suddenness of the announcement. The developers have previously spoken about adding features that have not yet been added into the game, and now presumably never will be.

Despite the sad news, it’s difficult to fault Re-Logic’s support of the game, as since its release all the way back in May 2011 the game’s content has more than doubled, with additional bosses, weapons, armour and other items, not to mention traps and hardmode, all being added to make a game that I covered in CPCG when it originally released even better, so much so that I felt it deserved to be featured again.

The game’s graphics designer, Tiy (real name Finn Brice), has moved on to form the developer Chucklefish, which is currently working on an exciting looking game called Starbound. Redigit (and therefore Re-Logic) says he is going to use what he has learnt throughout the development of Terraria to move onto an even better project.

I think I speak for the rational community when I wish both Tiy and Redigit well and thank them for a game that I have quite literally spent entire days playing. Whilst we may be mourning the loss of any future Terraria content, we’re certainly looking forward to whatever games you choose to grace us with next.

Source: Terraria Online


  1. Too bad, I was still hoping for a PSN port because although I bought it from Steam, I don’t enjoy playing games on the PC with my current setup in the bedroom…

  2. wonderful game, its been more than supported by the devs so i dont see how anyone could complain at them moving on.
    looking forward to their next effort.

  3. such a shame, I spent days obsessing over that giving myself RSI. I don’t usually play Indie games but Terraria really got me.

  4. That is bad news… i was looking forward to more updates, it has came such a long way since it came out its like a different game.

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