Street Fighter X Tekken Special Edition Announced

Europe is to receive a special edition of Street Fighter X Tekken.

Of course, like every other ‘special edition’ there is nothing extra special about the game, you get exactly the same version of the beat ’em up as everyone else but with some extra tat to get dusty on a shelf.


The soon-to-be dusty items for  Street Fighter X Tekken include a prequel comic, the obligatory concept art book and the equally obligatory model, in this case you can build your very own non-working arcade cabinet.

And then put it on a shelf to get dusty.

The pack also includes five DLC ‘Gem Packs’ including the exclusive ‘Fist of Iron’ pack.

Stay tuned to TSA as we are going hands on with the game next week.



  1. … says the man with thousands of pounds worth of Transformers on his dusty shelf ;)

    • No they are in a special constructed ait tight display case :)

  2. Not trying to be cheeky, but if the special edition includes 45 gem power ups that would change the game quite a bit :-)
    As for the dust-magnet tat, I’m a sucker for it. I still have my original Metal Gear Solid action figures (NOT toys) 13 years later.

  3. These gems were accidentally added to the psn store on Thursday for about an hour. I was able to download all 45 gems for free! :)

  4. Cool…the little arcade replica is properly cool….

  5. Is it true that you can use your Home avatar in this? I’m not a Home user but it’s awesome integration if it’s true.

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