Uncharted: Golden Abyss Easter Egg is Brilliant

Ok first of all I should mention that if you haven’t finished Uncharted: Golden Abyss, then this really isn’t for you as it contains a location pretty far into the game.

Still here? Excellent. A NeoGAF user, Revolutionary, has come across a brilliant Uncharted Easter egg on his playthrough on the ‘Crushing’ difficulty. If anything, I love this game even more now.


Check out the video below.

Source: NeoGAF / YouTube



  1. Brilliant. I love these kinds of things in games.

  2. haha, nice. I love easter eggs in games, it’s probably one of my favourite things to look out for actually.

  3. Don’t have sound so no idea what is happening :(

    • Its like a blooper, it was done as if they were filming a movie and the Dead guy was playing dead, then jumped out at the girl (who supposably diddnt know it was a life man playing the role) then she basically says she diddnt know and wonders why they were taking pictures… lol

  4. Ha ha ha. :D More games need to have these types of easter eggs. I remeber POP:TTT had an outake reel. I think the next UC should have a ton of outakes. For example, Drake goes to jump and then trips etc..

  5. Welcome to “Every subheadline must end in an exclamation mark day” on TSA.

    • The F1 review sub heading doesn’t have an exclamation mark. ;)

  6. That was class :-)

  7. Shit man, that made me jump

  8. A blopper in a game, weird lol.

  9. well that’s certainly more entertaining than most easter eggs which are simply some object or bit of text that vaguely relates to some other game.

    does this happen during the course of the game though?
    kinda weird having it in game like that and not in the credits or something.
    cool, but weird. ^_^

    • It happens during the Crushing playthrough. You have to play through on Hard first where what is supposed to happen happens. Wish they had this easter egg in the Japanese version, or maybe not. I’d probably toss my Vita in fear:p

  10. That was awesome. I can’t believe they did that. Since you can’t play on Crushing until you’ve already finished the game, then this makes perfect sense and would probably scare a few players in the process. Fantastic!

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