Gravity Rush Dated For June

SCEE have dated Gravity Rush for June, with the innovative action title being released on both cart and over PSN, in contrast to previous claims otherwise.

The news comes from the official PlayStation Blog, although the page is current broken. The exact date is the 13th of June.


The large wait for the game isn’t explained.

You can read our hands on with the game here.



  1. Shame it’s not coming out sooner but got enough games to keep me busy.

  2. That’s awesome. One day after my birthday :D

    • Same here! :D
      I’m thinking a Vita and this would make a great birthday present to myself.

  3. looking forward to this game.

  4. If I end up buying a Vita this will be on my day 1 shopping list.

  5. Going away on 14th June so good thing I can have the game with me :D.

  6. Love the concept / idea of this game. They need to push this one. Plus it’s only available on the Vita.

  7. Good to see it’s not digital only any more :D

  8. 14th June?
    Balls, I plan on being in Poland then. Unless they sell English versions over there…

  9. Oh god.. I think this is a JPN game so I hope this time isn’t wasted on shit American voice talent.

    I really like these kinda games but June is tooo long >.>

    • The same voices are being kept; it’s not even in Japanese in Japan (or so I have heard) but just a ‘in game language’

  10. 13th of June? I was hoping for an earlier release date (like sometime in March).

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