Third DCUO Expansion Announced

SOE’s superhero MMO is just over a year old now and the developer still isn’t letting up on content. Amid the almost-monthly game updates, the team has announced DCUO’s third premium expansion, The Battle For Earth.

As with Fight For The Light and Lightning Strikes, players will be treated to an all-new power-set (class) focused on Earth-based attacks. Characters using the ninth set can adopt the role of Tank or Damage, capable of spawning earthen constructs as well as unleashing seismic onslaughts.


A new raid has also been added to the mix, this time centred around Themyscira, home island of the Amazons. Players will duke it out with the forces of evil, fighting alongside a number of iconic mythic entities from the Wonder Woman universe.

Gearing up for the fight against Brainiac, SOE will also be launching a new quest-line in which players will square off against the villain’s Proto-Avatars.

The Battle For Earth is expected to launch on March 13th. If previous expansions are anything to go by, you’ll be looking at around the £8-10 mark for the newest expansion.

Source: Official Website