Want To Play Journey Early? PS Plus To The Rescue!

There’s a good chance that a lot of you want to play Journey early. We don’t blame you, especially after our 10/10 review which, I think, is the first TSA review to not have any cons at all.

PS Plus subscribers will get the chance to buy the game next week, a full week earlier than non-subscribers. Just to point out there’s no price reduction with Plus, but there will be a bonus dynamic theme.


So far this has just been mentioned in the US. We will try and find out if the EU gets this Journey goodness, although it was mentioned on the EU Blog today that some big Journey news will be announced on Monday.

Source: IGN



  1. Wait…….. Geekgasm. That felt goooood. Oh and day one. Or week minus one.

  2. Sold. Renewing without doubt tomorrow! Thanks TSA :-)

  3. Great idea from Sony. Really good incentive for those interested.

  4. Ugh. That doesn’t tempt me to subscribe to plus, it just annoys me ;)

    • I mean: if it’s ready, why not sell it to all of your customers?

      • To tempt you to buy another of their products?

      • They are selling to everyone.

  5. Rather Sony give it to us PS Plus users -_-

    • People appreciate early access and discounted games from their subscription, whether its a monthly quarterly or annual subscription, you get a lot of value from the service.

      Giving it free for members is just losing out on revenue for no reason and doesn’t support the game at all.

  6. Whats the price going to be? After seeing all the great reviews Im still not sold on it. Some games just arent for everyone.

    • £10 I think.

    • I know what you mean, I’m just not feeling it. Especially at $15. I know I’ll get round to it someday but I’m more than prepared to wait for a sale or something.

      • Thanks both, I’m sure I will get it later down the line. Maybe when Plus have an actual discount on it not early access.

  7. I will buy this & flower, but not until I finish ME3, and Deus Ex…

  8. Also, I feel this is a good incentive for us PS+ subscribers. We pay £40 a year, so we are Sony’s priority; buy PS+ and you’ll also be there priority. Kinda like xbox live gold members are microsoft’s priority.

    • It just doesn’t make sense to me (for this case). I understand it when there’s some need to prioritise things, but not when it’s just witholding something you’re putting on sale from some of your customers for a week.

      Still, this is why you and subscribe and I don’t! :)

      • I meant “you and lots of others”, sorry.

      • Business is business and it’s one more reason to customers to join PS+ and I’m sure quite a few will join for this reason.

      • Yeah, true enough.

      • It’s a fair point. But I joined long ago; for AC: brotherhood beta access, and was impressed; so continued to subscribe. I’d like to see PS+ subscriber numbers though :)

      • Tuffcub likes his graphs. You should ask him to make you one

      • you say that though Sony never said they’ll releas it at this date then make it available for everyone – they said this is a release date and deided to offer it a week early as art of their service. These are 2 different thinking strategies

    • Priority in, say, online betas, where bandwidth really matters then yes, I agree. But there really isn’t any prioritising in this that would mean PS+ would get it earlier than regular PSNers, a download game is a download game.

  9. Been waiting for this & a week early for us plus subscribers is (hopefully) nice ;)

  10. I’d rather have a discount to be honest.

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