PSN Maintenance Tomorrow

Just a heads up that the PSN will be under maintenance this Sunday 4th March from 20.00PM until Monday 5th March 10.00AM GMT.

For the duration of the maintenance users will be unable to log into the PlayStation Network. Account Management and Home will also be unavailable during this period.


If you are signed in during the maintenance, you may be signed out of the Network until it has been completed.

There may be some additional downtime after the maintenance period for testing purposes.

Source: OPC



  1. Lets hope this leads to better PS/Vita integration.

    • Might be XChat :P

      • Yeah connect your Vita to your PS3 and then the party app on the Vita can be uses for XChat on the PS3.

        Memory problem solved!

  2. Always utterly amazed at the frequency of downtime let alone how they schedule it during daytime hours. Unless I’m a complete pleb (don’t answer that :-)), surely each regional store could do a nighttime update. Oh well.

    • Upgrades to the network’s infrastructure is not region specific. It’s rolled out by SCEJ.

      • Which is such a shame as it’d be not too expensive to schedule it properly.

  3. Do you think we will be able to see PSVita trophies next to PS3 trophies?

  4. Excellent News :D Missed it last Thursday :D

  5. Birthday maintenance :)

    • Happy birthday for tomorrow then

  6. Not too bad then. Could be during the daytime so could be worse.

  7. Is it to do with that motorstorm Arctic something, hackers found a loop in the game that allows homebrew on the vita…

    Either way, I hardly play online only killzone 3 love that game & pro evo 12

    • been taken down already by Sony.

  8. And I thought thursday would be bad… doing it on a Weekend is verging on ridiculous.

  9. Bang goes my Double xp killzone…

  10. No bother, I won’t miss it as i’ll be dividing my play time between J&D: TPL and U:GA.

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