Forza Horizon Confirmed for This Year

It turns out that the leaked trailer for a game called Forza Horizon is indeed real, and the racer is due out this year.

As we said over the weekend, the twist is that rather than Turn 10 developing, duties have been passed to UK studio ‘Playground Games’.


Speaking after the video was shown for the first time, Turn 10 dev head Dan Greenawalt said that “it’s a tonal video, and it’s going to be creating speculation.”

“Honestly, we didn’t come to this event to announce what Horizon is; we came to announce that Horizon is, that there is a Forza coming in 2012 and it’s being developed by Playground Games, who has tremendous pedigree.”

“I know between now and E3 is the zero and the one, here’s the start and there’s the end, and it’s going to increase and increase and increase until then.”

Source: VG247



  1. Forza is the one franchise that makes me want a 360

    Everything about it looks awesome.

    • I bought a 360 for Forza 2 but it was a waste as I’ve only owned about 10 games all together. Didn’t get the last game and don’t think I’ll be getting this one. 360 is packed away and unused for well over a year.

  2. Was not expecting this. I wonder what direction they are going to take with this then. Open world perhaps? Hopefully it’s good, I love the Forza franchise.

    • Wonder if it will be less sim-like, going after the festival vibe with another developer, whilst Turn 10 presumably work on Forza 5 proper?

      • Yeah, it looks like that might be what they are aiming for. I can’t really imagine Forza as anything but a racing sim. Will be interesting to see how this ends up and if it’s just a filler between 4 and 5.

  3. wish they would make a new ip they seem scared to do it.

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