Move Title ‘Sorcery’ Coming May 23rd

Sony have confirmed that Move title Sorcery will be released on May 23rd.

They’ve also issued some story details.   “Finn is in trouble,” starts the PR.  “First he accidentally blew up his master’s alchemy lab. Then he let Erline, his master’s magical cat, talk him into trespassing in the realm of the dead.”


“Now he’s unleashed an ancient universe-destroying evil that won’t stop until everything he cares about is utterly annihilated.  It’s not been a good day.”

“Even though he’s only an apprentice, it’s up to Finn to defeat the Nightmare Queen before she can destroy the human world. To do this he must plunge deep into the realm of faerie — the Endless Stair, the Faerie Forest, the Slumbering Palace.”

Still with us?

“With Erline travelling at his side he must master powerful and arcane magical spells, and use them to overcome the strange and twisted servants of Nightmare. He must solve challenging puzzles, and decipher the mysteries of alchemy. He must discover the secrets of the Nightmare Queen’s power, and undo the damage that she has wrought.”

“And, above all, he must earn the right to be called … Sorcerer.”



  1. at last my move can get some glowing action

  2. Hope this lives up to the original tech demo. I was just thinking the other day what a waste of money move was for me.

  3. I always thought my move looked like flashing dildo’s when on. Anyhow, this looks good! Might buy at some point, RPG elements?

  4. Its about time! :L
    I still think this is too little too late for the PS Move though.

    • I was just about to post those exact words!

    • I agree, but likewise, it could be just the thing to get everyone dusting off their sticks & having a good old waggle again.

      • I would love to think so :) I wont be one of those people though :P

  5. Want! now to dust off the Move…

  6. Yessss!

  7. nice one been looking forward to this for ages.

    • Finally! Please let it live up the expectation :P

      • Let’s hope so! I would quite like to see a story trailer now.

  8. Finally.

  9. Those screens look very pretty!

  10. got move for this title but now i traded my move gear to a 360 instead …. too late.

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