David Cage Talks About Kara

Whilst Sony are (very) keen to stress that Kara is just a tech demo and is absolutely nothing (at all, ever) to do with a game that nobody’s making, chances are that whatever Quantic Dream are working on next will be very much Sci-fi.

And feature a robotic female called Kara.

David Cage talks exclusively to Sony (funny, that) about this tech demo. That’s definitely not a game. You can see and hear things using the YouTube video above, most of which is reinforcing the fact that Kara‘s nothing to do with whatever they’re working on next.

And that there’s going to be a big technological gap between Kara and their game.


  1. Ah, if you look at the old Heavy Rain casting trailer you can see how far things have come along. It’s lovely seeing things like this as they are still relevant even if not directly responsible for the games themselves.

  2. Any reason you linked to the Kara article four times? :-\

    • Do five, Davs. Do five! :P

    • It was for my benefit i am sure. Being old, i of course missed the first three! :)

    • Well there were, if you remember, 4 Kara’s in the Tech Demo. So…. ; )

  3. There was a massive improvement between the Heavy Rain casting trailer and Heavy Rain’s final version. I think it will be the case with Kara and their next game. I will be disappointed if DC doesn’t turn Kara into a full game as she has potential.

    I think you are trying to link to something, but i can’t put my finger on it. ;)

  4. Very nice interview. I’m definitely excited for their next game and hoping for an E3 reveal. I’m intrigued about how they only made use of half the features/capabilities of their new engine in Kara and what that might mean for the game they’re making.

  5. The Kara demo was finished a year ago, not started a year ago.

  6. I love Heavy Rain, and i love David Cage’s voice. Bring on the next game!

  7. he says at the end PS3 has a lot more to give.

  8. He is a legend…

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