Quantic Dream Working On Two Projects, First Revealed Next Week

Did you like Heavy Rain? Are you hungry for more tank-like controls and visible thought bubbles? I kid – Heavy Rain’s a decent enough game, but personally I feel that David Cage’s last title was overrated in some quarters. But that’s just me and my opinion, you know?

Regardless, I’m excited about what might be next – and if it’s not Kara then who knows? Rumours are surfacing this evening that the studio, Quantic Dream, are working on two titles – both for Sony, although it’s not clear whether they’re both for the PlayStation 3.

Either way, expect to see one of them next week at E3, where Cage’s next game will be officially revealed. We don’t know the name of it, but we do have a booking for something rather secretive that kinda fits the bill – we’ll let you know, although we suspect it’ll be a big thing and be a fairly large focus of Sony’s press conference.


  1. Excited. Easy to tell I was a big fan of Heavy Rain :P

    • same I will get that plat.

      • I thought you would have got the plat. Really enjoyed getting mine. Loved the story and all the endings were great.

  2. Can this studio stretch themselves to two titles? Heavy Rain was great but some of the animation was pretty dire compared to some of the other moments in which it was fantastic.

    • Well if its a similar theme that shares the same story, then why not? Hell a Vita/PS3 cross over thing is plausible. Id love to see what QUantic can do with the Vita hardware

  3. What is this secretive booking you speak of?

  4. Absolutely loved Heavy Rain.

    There are so many crime dramas on TV in which you can usually suss out who the villain is, but Heavy Rain had me guessing until the end.

    However, I don’t know how a sequel would work. Heavy Rain seems like the kind of game which is a one-time experience. If QD announced some new episodes however, that’d be fine I guess.

    • Think David Cage denounced any rumors of a sequel, which is certainly refreshing, and I think having Heavy Rain’s story finished in one game is for the best. Oh well, it can only get better, hopefully.

  5. Looking forward 2 this, loved Heavy Rain 1st playthrough but got sidetracked trying 2 get multiple endings.

  6. Heavy Rain was best game of 2010 (though RDR & Civilization V was close), so yeah looking forward to more from QD :)

  7. I really hope they won’t ditch Kara and do a game about her as it would be interesting to see a robot deal with it’s first emotions as well.

    I wonder if they are going to do a sci-fi game but Heavy Rain style?

  8. Heavy Rain was brilliant. Excited by the possibility of a PS3 exclusive as well as a PSV exclusive QD title :)

  9. Two games… wonder if one of them is for Vita… a remake of Heavy Rain for Vita? I’d buy that!

    • Really hope it won’t be a remake of heavy rain for psvita if the other game would be a psvita game. Would much rather have a NEW game.

  10. Well, my undercarriage just got less sweaty due to the massive erection I’m now sporting.

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