David Cage On Kara: “We Can Have An Open World With The Same Quality”

Kara’s impressive, sure, but when the tech demo was first shown off, most assumed that it looked so good because the environment was so contained, so small.

Not so.  According to David Cage (speaking in the latest Edge magazine), the fidelity isn’t related to the confined gameplay space “in any way”.

“We can have an open world with the same quality,” he said, although don’t take this to mean Quantic Dream’s next game will be an open world one.

“Hopefully, we’ll demonstrate it soon,” Cage added.

It’s a great interview, and well worth checking out – it’s the Edge with the bright green cover.


  1. Although he did say “Hopefully, we’ll demonstrate it soon”, so there’s a clue maybe? E3?

    • Hopefully. I’m really interested

  2. It will be mindblowing also David…Fahrenheit hd please!

    • Fahrenheit on xbox originals on 360 scales up very well… No need for an hd update

      • There is for me, dont play or own a 360 dude. Selfish indeed, but honest all the same. would love to see it high def. Still have love for my ps2 version.

      • PS3 version would be nice with trophy support.

  3. Narrative. Give me narrative. Open world is not good.

    • You can have narrative + open world. Look at RDR, or Skyrim, both contain strong stories, both open world.

      • Yeah but Skyrim is boring as hell to me and i haven’t even touched RDR. :S

  4. does sound a bit as if molyneux has found a new home, lets hope they can deliver

  5. Why does the video go to such lengths at the start to announce this is not from software currently in development if he’s saying hopefully they’ll have more on this soon?

    • More on the engine used, not the Kara theme.

  6. Here’s my take on it; the engine (or at least the developers) can handle an open-world game with similar fidelity, as the ps3 isn’t mentioned.

    • Another part of the interview says that this engine is for this generation. Paraphrasing, but he says that each engine he makes is for a specific gen.

  7. My radioactive green & pink bundle arrived in the post earlier today, looking forward to reading this article in full over a coffee in the morning.

  8. It would be great to see this quality in Cage’s next game. As long as the story line is as good as his previous work, it should be fantastic!

    • “As long as the story line is as good as his previous work”

      I sure hope it’s much better! Or is it dry irony?

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