Meet the Reader: Youles

Another week, and another interviewee is pulled out of the vault. Like one of those cuddly toy machines, it took a while and £30 in small change, but I finally got the giant claw thing to hang on to something, and got Youles. Everyone say hello.


We kick off with the regular starting trio of questions. Who are you, how old are you and where do you come from?

I’m Leigh Youles, 28 and I’m from Brighton.

That’s not a typo, it’s spelt the girls way, or at least that’s often what people say. I often get emails starting “Mrs”. I’m Competitive Leigh to my friends!

Well, I guess it’ll just mean you don’t need to change your name, should you ever decide to become a woman. Keeps it all nice and simple.

Hadn’t thought about that. Thanks. I’ll bear it in mind.

No problem. Now, I don’t think I really need to ask you about your user ID, but just in case the readers haven’t been paying attention, where did it come from?

Well my surname, which is derived from Yule – relating to Christmas, and ‘S’ is the suffix meaning “son of”, so “son of Yule”. But my family is pretty important to me and since its quite an unusual name I decided to use it

Hold on a second… That means that somewhere in your ancestry was Father Christmas?

I’d like to think so. It’s my favourite holiday too, I love Christmas.

Do you go all out for the holiday? House decorations, a big tree, spending a month in wages on presents?

All of the above! I have candy cane pyjama bottoms and everything. No expense spared at Christmas. And Brighton is great on Christmas Eve!

Sounds great. It’s not my bag, but I’m glad someone enjoys it! There’s a lot of moaning about it each year. It’s about time we move on to talk about gaming. I mean, that is the real reason why you’re here. Tell us, how did you first get into games?

Good plan.

I was bought one of the original Game Boys by a family friend close to release. I wanted one, but can’t remember how I first heard about one – maybe TV or magazine. Before that I’d only had a Commodore 64 that was given to my sister and I.

Did you get Tetris with it? That was probably the main game quite a large number of Game Boy buyers had.

Yup, and Super Mario Land. I used to mock my neighbour Matthew, as he tilted the Game Boy to “assist” Mario over the gaps. 20 years too early for Sixaxis technology!

I’m sure he would end up doing the same for racing games too. After the Game Boy, what path did you take to where you are now, with the PS3?

GameBoy, MegaDrive, Amiga600, Sega Saturn, N64 (twice), PSone, PS2, PSP, PS3. And there were various GameBoy upgrades inbetween, Color, DS etc.

I got my Amiga quite late – just for games like Sensible Soccer, Chaos Engine, Syndicate.

And Vita, obviously.

Well, of course! So, you didn’t really look back once you jumped over onto Sony’s ship? Have you ever been tempted by Microsoft’s offerings, or back to Nintendo?

Actually no – I favoured Sony for their exclusives (at the time); Final Fantasy, Metal Gear and Gran Turismo. I also couldn’t get on with the lack of symmetry with the analogue sticks, and although it didn’t affect my choice, the PS3 having Blu-ray turned out to be a huge bonus. But each to their own.

As I said last week, I too adapted to the DualShock 3 and couldn’t really go back. It just feels so alien.

Yeah. Although, to be fair to Microsoft, their official controller keyboard fits better than the PS3 one. Other than that, I prefer the DualShock 3.

Definitely agree on that point. They were clearly designed with the keyboard in mind, whilst the PS3’s was just slapped together.

You mentioned that you switched to Sony for the exclusives. So I’m curious to hear what your favourite game of all time is, and whether it’s a PS exclusive?

Can I have 3?

Only because it’s you.

Aww, thanks.

This answer doesn’t make me particularly exciting, though, quite predictable. Firstly I’d have to say Final Fantasy VII. I don’t really read books, I don’t do fantasy or sci-fi, but this was the first RPG I was introduced to and the game gripped me so much. It had so much depth that I pretty much sold my Sega Saturn (at least I think that’s what I had at the time, possibly my N64) and bought a PSone immediately.

Secondly Modern Warfare 2. The first time I used a Predator Missile or AC130 I was blown away that we could control these killstreaks. Perhaps I’m easily pleased, who knows, but it was also a follow up to CoD4 which I had invested a lot of time into.

Last of all – which may be less predictable – is Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening.

This says a lot from Zelda, since it wasn’t even in colour. But the dungeon puzzles and bosses were complex and confusing, sometimes enough that I’d have to wait to hunt someone down at school the following day to find out how to defeat a boss. Now we’re lazy, you just search YouTube or Google and you’ve got the answer.

That’s quite a trio you’ve picked there. You’ve got a little bit of everything, almost. Are you generally a very diverse gamer, or do you tend towards a particular genre?

I would like to think so, over my various consoles I’ve played all types of games. Like music, every genre has its good and bad. If it’s good, I’ll play it.

You’re doing my segue for me? That’s so nice. What’s the worst or most embarrassing game you’ve played? Maybe it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure that others frown upon?

Ooh, good question. This might take a moment.

There’s nothing I can actually think of. At worst maybe Mini Ninjas but I’ve not played much of it and I wouldn’t be embarrassed about it – it’s a cute looking game!

Or maybe SingStar –  my wife can sing better than me, although I did beat her once doing Leona Lewis’ version of Run. That win was for Snow Patrol! I remind her about it sometimes, though she’s not happy about it. I also have an unhealthy obsession for Fleetwood Mac, including a related tattoo, so possibly Guitar Hero: World Tour. I’m obviously Mick Fleetwood on the drums!

So a few guilty pleasures, then. I totally agree that Mini Ninjas was a pretty cute game. I really liked the art style.

Indeed, and who wouldn’t want to pose as a Panda?

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  1. Couldn’t agree more with you about Blops 2, I just don’t have faith in Treyarch any more even though they produced some of the awesome WW2 games, the game mechanics in Blops was awful. Plus, their story telling isn’t as good as IW’s. Nice to meet you too!

    • I didn’t mind the story in WaW or Blops but the MP didn’t not run well. I just hope the next game isn’t a direct port! :(

      • Loved WaW SP, but just didn’t get on with the Blops SP, didn’t have a clue what was going on with the interrogation scenes which just left me confused.

    • I’d think I’d go as far to say as after this whole Strict false NAT type issue I’ve lost all faith in COD as a franchise….lovely to meet you Youles also :P

  2. Great interview :) How are you finding Journey now btw? im guessing you have downloaded it :P
    Also completely legal for me to have a drink now lol, thanks for the mention.

    • Journey is great, I actually only fired it up for the first time this morning!

      • I just want somebody to say its bad!:P Otherwise Ill have to get it sooner or later to try it out for myself.

      • For me it’s ‘meh’. I much prefer Flower. I didn’t read anything for it before playing it and when I played through it and finished I just though ‘Wait, what?’. It’s a beautiful looking game with calming effects – which the developer always tries to produce for their games but I just couldn’t help comparing it to Flower and thinking I preferred that instead.

        7/10 for me I think.

      • Dont need to buy it now XD

      • Haha, the all-knowing, all-powerful Mike has made your decision? :P

        I’m not saying it’s a bad game, but for me personally, it isn’t a 10 I’m afraid.

        A well made game but replay-ability is seriously lacking imo

      • haha, yeah, that was all I needed for me to say “Im going to give it a miss now” :)

      • The game is gorgeous and unique, but not sure it’s worth a 10/10 yet…but I’ve not finished it.

  3. Nice to meet you descendant of Santy Claus :)

    • Likewise! :) Sadly none of my relatives are elves though.

  4. Great guy, and knows how to handle a Dualshock….what more do you want?
    Had great fun with the Friday co-op sessions with a great result, after the Shuttle eventually contacted Houston (got mic’s working :P)
    I’m afraid that I couldn’t have a pint with you mate, it’d have to be Pop for me or a ladies drink (Yahoo and lemonade?) as I new year resolutioned the drink back in Jan 2011 {:O

    • Thanks for the kind words….and impressive self control with the drink!! ;)

  5. Good to meet you youles, you seem to get some good gaming in considering you’ve got a new kid. I seriously struggle and mine is 2 years old now. I’m online when I can be but struggle to pre-arrange anything.

    • Well I’m luck that the wife works 3 evenings a week :)

      Also, he’s only just woken from a 3-hour nap! It’s gonna be tough when he stops sleeping during the day, lol!

  6. Lol you usually get emails starting with ‘Mrs’ lol that had me in tears.

    I feel like I now know my new psn buddy, we have to kick it sometime on a game of peace walker or something

    • If people have emailed me “Mrs” at work, then call the office, I put on my most manly voice possible! Not sure whether this is to embarrass them, or to make myself feel better after having my gender incorrectly presumed?!

      Indeed, we should organise something through the Peace Walker thread in the Meets forum! ;)

  7. That’s nothing. When I was younger random people on the phone thought they were speaking to my mother when I picked up the phone… :D

    • Ha ha…so long as you don’t get it too much these days! ;)

  8. Thanks Teflon btw, I enjoyed our chat. Love the GameBoy pictures amongst the text – that takes me back! Links Awakening really was fantastic!

    • You’re more than welcome! :)

    • I was pleased to see Links Awakening mentioned. Amazing game and my favourite on the Gameboy at the time along with Kirby’s Dream Land.

      • Glad someoneelse appreciates it too – it’s an incredible game, even by today’s standards, which considering how old it now is, is saying something!

        I didn’t play Kirby but Wario 4 (or was it Mario Land 4, Wario Land, or something like that) was a good GameBoy game!!

  9. That was agood read, nice to find out a bit about you Youles.
    I use the controller keyboard too. I’ve gotten so used to the extra weight that whenever i swap a DS3 mid-game, i’ll often transfer the keyboard onto the newly charged DS3 because it feels too light. Damn clumsy design but probably the most useful PS3 accessory i own.! :)

    • Thanks! I do exactly the same thing, I even managed to pick up a second keyboard for £7.99 for my other DS3, so no need to swap, lol!

  10. Pleasure to meet you sir! *tips hat*

    • Afternoon squire.

      • I get the feeling that these two may already know each other! ;)

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