Now Game’s Website Is Down “For Maintenance”

Just a quick notice to let you know that Game’s website is currently down for maintenance. Hopefully this is the kind of maintenance that leads to an announcement that their well-publicised woes are over and a rescue package has been put together. Rather that than the kind of maintenance that ends with a sold sign or administration.

For those of you wishing to check out the group’s crazy sale, the best prices were always in store so don’t worry too much about the website being down. Of course, this might just be part of work to get some of those spring clean sales online.


Personally, I’ve got my fingers crossed for the store. If they do eventually close, I’ll be left with HMV and supermarkets to buy my games from on the high street and you know those supermarket deals won’t be so attractive without the substantial competition Game Group brings to the market.

We’ll keep an eye on it and update this story if we see any developments.


Update: Apparently a spokesperson for the company has told MCV that it is just a fault, and the websites will return soon.

Update 2: It’s back up. Yay!



  1. Oh good lord, I’ll bet they’re all shredding the financial statements in head office.

  2. It’s only a matter of time now surely? To be honest, providing Shopto/Amazon keep their prices roughly what they are right now I can’t see GAMEs demise effecting me too much.

  3. Hmm, I think this is actually the kind of maintenance that Captain Oates did when he went outside for ‘some time’.

  4. I dont see the problem with buying games from supermarkets. By definition they are “super” markets and sell everything.

    It’s not like you went in to GAME are we confronted by cheeful helpful staff who gave you considered and thoughtful opinions to guide your purchase. No, you got “Would you like to insure your purchase” and “You can get that for a few quid left, here have a pre-owned copy instead”.

    That’s not me having a go a GAME staff, they are only doing what the management tells them to do, which sadly was to run the business in to the ground.

    As I said before, I expect publishers are not exactly unhappy No.1 retailer of pre-owned games is abouty to go tits up. Probably explains why EA, Ubisoft etc are not helping out.

    • Because although the choice in GAME was somewhat limited, it’s nothing like as limited as it is in supermarkets. They have the Top 10 at best normally, and very little else. If they expand it a bit like they have with DVD/Blu-ray I’d probably be happier.

      I’d also say that whilst GAME’s staff are like that, GameStation’s have always been helpful and happy to recommend games and deals to me.

      • This is the argument I hear most often in favour of GAME yet I always found that stock almost the same as my local Tesco (admittedly, an EXTRA). The only lesser-known titles they ever had were pre-owned.

        Also, I think anyone who is looking for a game that isn’t a big hitting top 10 jobbie, will be looking online anyway. The vast majority of people using bricks and mortar stores are buying for someone else and are looking for COD or FIFA anyway

      • Plus Supermarkets top 10s are so very different to the real world. EA Grand Slam Tennis is nowhere to be found in my local (and rather big) Sainsburys in Darnley. And that was when it was in the top 10 of all formats. Yet wasn’t in Sainsburys Top 20 PS3 titles. Things like that do my head in with supermarkets.

      • Yeah, supermarkets do seem to make up their own rules about what is in the top 10 – A bit back my local ASDA seemed to think that Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2 & Modern Warfare 3 were all in the chart at the same time.

        Oh & at practically full price for all 3.

      • I should imagine the supermarket top 10 would be based on their own sales.

      • “the choice in GAME was somewhat limited, it’s nothing like as limited as it is in supermarkets.”

        Erm, GAME do Top Ten and then cheap tat they can flog, That’s it. HMV have a much larger back catalogue of stock. Losing GAME is of little consequence, go to HMV.

  5. Gamestation is also showing the same maintenance screen. Both at the same time seems a little unlikely to me, i think we are witnessing the end here! Sad if the case, never good to see people out of work.

    Either that or it will redirect to!

  6. gamestation store staff resisted the changes that GAME wanted to make for as long as they could… but it all filtered down eventually.
    many of the staff have always said how pointless jumping onto customers on the shop floor was, that if they needed help they would ask for it. But GAME is run by phone shop people, who push the hard sell.
    its tragic and i hope they get saved

  7. seems to be there for me @ 11:56

  8. Will orders placed i.e yesterday, still be carried out!?

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