46 Jobs Lost At GAME Basingstoke HQ

GAME has confirmed that it will cut 46 jobs, 10% of the workforce, at its Basingstoke headquarters.  The cuts are being made to restructure GAME Group’s business, allowing the company to adapt to the changing games industry.

A spokesperson for GAME commented on the job cuts.


“The proposed restructure will result in around 46 fewer roles at our central support centre in Basingstoke. Our proposed new structure will change the way that we operate and will enable us to be significantly more efficient in our relationships with suppliers and customers. We are giving our full help and support to the colleagues who are affected by these proposed changes.”

The restructure at GAME  sees Tricia Brennan become the Chief Commercial Officer with immediate effect. Tom Devine is now the Channel Director.  David Hughes, current Chief Marketing Officer, will be leaving the company.

This news follows a turbulent time for GAME Group, which is selling off its international business, as well as renegotiating terms with lenders to continue business. For more details on GAME’s troubles read this article by Alex.

We wish all those affected luck in finding employment elsewhere.

Source: MCV



  1. I think most people could see this coming a mile off. Lets see how many more it hurts. Not good news.

  2. What relationship with customers :S

    the only time I’ve ever seen any sort of personality from a game employee was last Christmas when the manager of the store was on the till….

  3. At Christmas I was away from home (and internet shopping) so popped into a Game shop for the first time in years. I wanted an official PS3 gamepad for a friend and couldn’t see them so went to the till. £49.99. Yep, you read that right. I didn’t let on I was a seasoned gamer (I’m in my thirties) and let the young lad explain to me that Sony maintain expensive prices for their products ‘that’s just Sony for you.’ I bought my friend one from Argos a few doors down for £34 – the same price I’ve bought my last three gamepads from Amazon the past couple of years. The reputation Game has of making money from clueless parents and elderly relatives is not unfair at all.

    • yep, spot on to be honest.

    • The PS3 pad has always been £34.99 in GAME shops in Manchester and towns nearby.

      GAME do suck though.

    • PS3 pads shot up in price pre-Christmas for some reason, they even went up to £42.99 in online-only retailers, or most of them anyway.

      GAME exists because some people need an assisted sale, for the life of me I can’t work out why people who don’t need an assisted sale moan about it… It’s not for you.

      The typical mum or grandparent buying consoles/games for themselves as gifts to younger ones is GAME’s target demographic, these people make use of GAME’s assisted sale business model.

      The typical gamer who knows what they want without speaking to anyone will no doubt just buy from the cheapest place online. No bricks & mortar retailer can make enough money to exist catering to that demographic which is why so many online-only retailers cater to that customer profile.

    • I agree completely CC. But for them not to evolve as their target demographic became more savvy was always going to end badly. I have £130 sitting on a Gamestation (same group) card at the moment, I’m starting to think I should get it spent before too long. I feel sorry for the shop staff, I really do.

    • For a short while they went to £52.99 in my local GAME. Twats.

      • Im so glad all my family pretty much know and do their homework on what is good pricing. My Mother finds better deals on stuff more than I can! GAME and Gamestatiob are done for the only gameshop that will remain will be CEX.

  4. Ahhh Basingstoke, my home town. Always wondered why the GAME was so small and crappy there when the HQ was right round the corner. Still i hope none of my mates have been effected and its another reason why I’m glad I moved to Norway. Never good to see job loses and a company in big trouble, especially as I used to shop there before i found the internet :-)

    • My hometown as well. Not a great place to live! Hence why I moved to Canada.

  5. How many times do we hear of enforced staff cuts due to financial restrictions resulting in the company [insert company name here] being able to offer a more efficient service going forward? I heard similar yesterday on the radio coming from one of the Police forces who were cutting jobs.
    It makes me realize that if they offered a more efficient service in the first place…

  6. I think it would be a shame to see GAME disappear from the highstreet. Whilst they can be overpriced at times, they are another shop I can go into and pass the time whilst my missus spends my hard earned money in Topshop. Also, you can find deals or games in there at an ok price if your lucky/got to the preowned section.

    Also, maybe it’s to do with the people they employ at the HQ. I grew up in Basingstoke, spent 24 years there, and rarely came across a friendly person worthy of working in customer service or support!

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