Weekly Charts: 12/03/12

Another week, another set of charts detailing all those games we like to moan about because they’re not proper games and they’re all just dance games and first person shooters and WHERE THE HELL IS MY ESOTERIC UNKNOWN RPG GAME?



Anyway, let’s bear in mind that GAME are having a few niggles getting stock in and that Tesco and ASDA are selling said shovelware along with loaves of bread, so this might reflect the public at large but it won’t reflect the gaming hardcore.  The core.  The hard.  The tough.

Those of us, well, you, that play games on Veteran.  VETERAN!!!111!.

Anyway, yeah, Mass Effect 3 – apparently it’s quite good, and selling lots.  Disappointing release for Unit 13 for Vita, there, down in fifteenth (and the highest ranking Vita game, too) but – hey – at least there’s lots of dancing games keeping the industry alive and well.

  1. Mass Effect 3 (EA)
  2. SSX (EA)
  3. Street Fighter X Tekken (Capcom)
  4. FIFA 12 (EA)
  5. Mario Party 9 (Nintendo)
  6. The Sims 3: Showtime (EA)
  7. Mario & Sonic London 2012 Olympic Games (Sega)
  8. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Activision)
  9. Assassin’s Creed: Revelations (Ubisoft)
  10. Zumba Fitness (505 Games)
  11. Rayman Origins (Ubisoft)
  12. Battlefield 3 (EA)
  13. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Bethesda)
  14. Just Dance 3 (Ubisoft)
  15. Unit 13 (Sony)
  16. Uncharted: Golden Abyss (Sony)
  17. UFC Undisputed 3 (THQ)
  18. Batman: Arkham City (Warner)
  19. Saints Row: The Third (THQ)
  20. Rage (Bethesda)

I once tried Veteran difficulty mode.  It was terrible.



  1. Got Rage yesterday. Gonna give it a go tonight!

    • *sigh* another one of my games that needs attention. really good from the 4 hours that ive played. Enjoy!

    • Its an underrated game in my opinion so hopefully you’ll enjoy it – I should be revisiting it next week once I get Bioshock 2 finished.

      • Are you still working on the online? I started it back up yesterday so up for a few matches sometime this week? Actually, every night bar friday I think.

      • Fortunately I’ve done all the online and co-op trophies, but I could help you out – which ones are you working on? I took me a couple of hours to get the versus driving trophies as I was always pitched against people on like level 40 :(

      • It’s only level 40 I need so it was more for a companion now than anything else. Think I’m ~level 16 so a long way to go.

      • Oh, sorry – I thought you meant Rage!
        I’ve actually finished getting to level 50 on Bioshock 2. And to be honest (I’m usually pretty quick to offer assistance, but) I didn’t really enjoy the MP after a while, especially since I had not fellow TSAers to play with. However I know Mundham is currently working through the MP, so you could buddy up – it would be much better with someone else. Also, McProley might be up for a few games too.

    • I agree with it being an underrated game. It’s great fun!
      One of 2011’s gems!

    • Got 90 mins in, was enjoying it, then fell off a ladder, died, and it sent me back 45 mins. Great!

  2. EA running the charts..Unit 13 not in top 10 shame its a fun game, I have put in hours in that game

  3. Alex. Normal is terrible for you!

    ME3 getting bought today. Want SSX too but will have to wait.

    • True enough!

    • I think he would smash his PS3 and tv if he tried to played Demon Souls. ;)

  4. I’m not surprised that ME3 has assumed direct control of the number one spot. I forgot that SFXT was released, Capcom dropped the ball with the advertising on that one and that is a surprise considering Street Fighter is their cash cow. :O

    • Have you got Adblock on or something? Its been advertized here. O-O

      • I don’t have adblock. And apart from the ad on here, i’ve not seen a single ad for it. :o

      • yeah Hasn’t been on TV or another website for me but if there wasn’t any seen it’ll just be the brand really that sells it.

      • Don’t forget that SFxT has had a bit of controversy surrounding its DLC characters & network issues which may have put a lot of people off too.

        I was going to get it originally, but i have made a personal decision to buy no more fighters for a while, as i just don’t find the urge to play them too often.

        That said though, i would have been put off a bit by recent news. It isn’t the end of the world of course, but i would be of the opinion that it may be worth holding off to see cost of characters, if network issues are sorted etc.

      • I refused to buy Street Fighter X Tekken. So ignored that game!!!

      • Crikey, you feeling ok Del?? :P

  5. Great EA could make a dance spin-off from Mass Effect to get more $$$.

    shame the Vita version of Street Fighter X Tekken is Autumn.

    • Have you seen Shepherd dance? That’d be the easiest dance spin-off ever. Hell, even I could manage it, and I’ve got all the co-ordination of Helen Keller.

    • Should be simple and they could even innovate in that genre with a system like the dialogue chooser contraption they have.

  6. Can’t help but think Unit 13’s released at a bad time. Was it intentionally staggered back to fill post-launch criteria or did it just need a smidgen more development time?

    Having purchased 6 or so Vita games at launch and with Mass Effect 3, I have absolutely no room for Unit 13, a shame really, as it’s right up my street.

    • Review code for Unit 13 went out at the same time as the other first party stuff.

    • I think they did screw up with Unit 13 release. With next to no information and release date confusion.
      Having said that I’ve really enjoyed the couple of hours I’ve had with it although need to finish Uncharted before I give it some serious gameplay and ME3 is getting more than it’s fair share of my time

    • It might not have done as badly as it seems, do these charts count downloads? I got it in digital form so I can quickly boot it up for daily challenges etc, quite a few others might have done the same.

      Obviously if the charts do include PSN purchases than this is irrelevant and downloads are unlikely to bring it up to first place anyway, but I hope it does do alright, as it’s a great game.

      • I did exactly the same for the same reasons. It is a very good game. recommended

  7. Was all fired up to get Mass Effect 3 then realised all the endings have been posted on Yootube so I watched them and saved myself £40 ;) Instead I got Unit 13, which is a great little game, albeit a tad frustrating at times

    • Why?!?!?! SPOILER ALERT: the game was absolutely brilliant minus the ending, seeing the consequences of what happened in the previous games is half the story and I’ve think you’ve missed the point of ME3 a little!

      • To be honest the only thing I really enjoyed about ME 1&2 were the storylines so, as daft as it sounds, I only really wanted to see how the trilogy ended. I find their actual game play sections incredibly generic and average.

      • The combat mechanics aren’t the best, agreed, but I found them better in ME3 than they were on ME and ME2. I mean, you’ll have seen the ending but know nothing of the events or stories leading up to it which were actually leading up to a completely different ending to what we got. It was a huge blindside, the ending.

  8. Well done to EA. 4 of the top 6 and all 4 are wildly different games and none with a metacritic below 81.

  9. Shame that there are not more Vita games up there. I wonder how software sales have been after the launch week.

  10. I really enjoyed the Unit 13 demo and I’m seriously considering a purchase but I’m a bit poor after buying the system itself. Although it isn’t fair to compare a game selling on two consoles both with over 50 million world wide plus the pc players. Although to release it after the Vita is a mistake because everyone would probably looked at the games out on 22/2 and chosen 2 or 3 games to go with their Vita.

    • I cannot find Unit 13 anyway its not in my local game,gamestation or tesco! going to head up to asda during the week to see if they have it in

    • I’d just order it or purchase it on PSN, hardly see Vita games outside of Game in Belfast.

      • No space on the card mate! it would mean deleting one of my other games and i still have not finished them

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