Star Wars: The Old Republic Free This Weekend

EA & Bioware have announced that Star Wars: The Old Republic will be hosting a Weekend Pass Free Trial this week.

The event is scheduled to begin on 15th March at 5am and lasts until 7am March 19th. It will allow new players to register accounts without having to submit payment information and will give access to the opening missions for every character class.


The free trial will also allow players to engage in PvP battles and take part in two early Flashpoint missions, ‘The Esseles’ and ‘The Black Talon.’ Those who take part will only have access to the Origin World and possibly the Capital World of whichever faction they decide to join.

The registration page is here but you can’t register until March 15th.

Source: Press Release



  1. “15th March at 5am and lasts until 7am March 19th”
    Coincidentally, the precise time it takes to download SWTOR! ; )

    • That’s what I was thinking!

    • You can’t get more right than that.
      Enjoy your 1 hour and 43 seconds left to play the game!

  2. you have to register for and download the trial when it starts?

    and given ea’s history, i’m sure they’ve got enough server capacity so neither the game or the website will go down.

    sarcastic comment is, very, sarcastic. ^_^

  3. Well the fact you have to download the whole thing after it starts has kinda ruined it for me and probably a lot of other people, i was looking forward to trying it, probably should have tried it when i got into the beta, oh well :(

  4. Can’t they just have a free trial.. 24/7?

  5. Fancy a crack at this to see whether my laptop is up to running it.

    Silly question, as these times are a little anti-social I’m guessing they’re UK time?

  6. I can hardly see that being enough time to test out an MMO, regardless of when you’re able to download the trial. If it was a week I’d be interested, but a weekend? Nup.

  7. 2 days is just enough to experience the oppening story, that sadly it’s the best thing about this subsrciption based MMO.
    Even more sad is that as YOURMUMANDME said, you’ve barelly finished downloading and instaling the game by that time!

    Blizz was giving a full week of trial period, and later they changed it to infinite until level 20.

    To me it looks like they want to hide the game, and have us focus entirelly on the opening missions that are the better designed.

    Guild Wars 2 can’t come out fast enough!

  8. It also requires Origin to be installed so, no thanks.

    • well in that case, they can forget it.

  9. Everybody’s talking about how long it will take to download- how big IS it? (I’m only curious, I won’t be able to play it on my craptop anyway. :P )

  10. It’s 24gb. It doesn’t take as long to download as some say, I set it going when I went to bed, woke up and it was practically done.

    • That’s pretty big, however Origin seems to download things pretty fast. Admittedly I’ve only got ME3 from Origin, but I downloaded that at an average rate of 1.6MBps. If things are going extremely well, Steam usually downloads at 1.2. Perhaps it was just good luck, but I was very impressed with Origin’s download capabilities… if nothing else :P

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