Game of Thrones ‘Combat System’ Trailer Released

A new trailer has been released for the Game of Thrones RPG, with the focus being on combat and character classes. It seems that whilst you can hack away to your heart’s content, there’s also the option to bring up a menu wheel and issue direct commands to either your character or party members.

I also quite like the idea behind the character classes, where you can specialise in a class or try and merge different ones together.


The game is due out for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on May 15th.

Source: Press Release



  1. dammit.
    i really have to read the books one day. o_O

    • I have the first book here and I’ve still yet to finish reading it after around 8 months. Funny thing is, I’ve finished a couple of dozen other books in that time at least.
      Not saying that it’s bad or anything! Just still not got around to reading it…

    • Yes, you really do. I got the set for Christmas. Half way through the second and I’m really enjoying them.

    • On the third one now , fantastic books (and im not into the genre normally) . You need to get the 2nd one finished before the series begins again April 1st.

      • … Video looks really promising . Finger crossed.

  2. Looks awesome!

  3. Time for a pre-order…
    As if I didn’t love the concept of this enough, they’ll let me play as a Water Dancer. Sweet.

  4. That looks excellent. Loving the TV series and can’t wait for that to return as well.

  5. I’ll be a water dancer because Syrio Forel is a brilliant secondary character. Can’t afford to preorder this yet though!

  6. This is beginning to impress.

  7. “Sexual content” sold :P

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