Players Have Racked 83 Billion Credits In ME3’s Multiplayer

Mass Effect 3 developer, BioWare, has issued a handy infographic depicting the exploits of its online playerbase.

According to the data users have collectively earned 83 billion credits, already accounting for 1,800 years of combined play time.


Special Forces pits four players against increasing diverse waves of enemies, comparable to the “Horde” mode made famous by Gears of War 2. As in the campaign, you can build your very own character in the Mass Effect universe, selecting from a variety of classes.

XP and credits are earned which can be spent to unlock new weapons, add-ons, and playable classes. Progress in multiplayer also has an effect on your overall “Galaxy at War” percentage.



  1. Wow. Its only just out 2 weeks and people have accumulated 1,800 years of playtime. I wonder how much copies its sold now.

  2. I’m sorry but i can’t see shit on that pic.

  3. I don;t normally play MP games let alone games with MP “tacked” on but i’m really enjoying ME3’s MP. I like the fact games are fun, horde based and not just shooting but with the powers as well.
    Maybe this is the norm but like I said don’t normally play MP but this type of MP I like.

    • Totally agree with you here, I wasn’t expecting much from it tbh but me3 mp is excellent.

  4. was playing this last night with Yogdog, I dont think the due died once in the game, like Damo said I too don’t play MP games (apart from killzone 3)but I think I have played ME3 online more than the campaign

    • Hey I haven’t even started the campaign yet :) might get to 100% readyness then start hehe. And if the readyness degrades hey won’t say no to topping it back up :)

      • Yeh I think I got most trophies online but I might put in work in the campaign today before 8.30, got a killzone date at that time lol

      • i’d leave it for just before the final mission, as apparently the readyness drops if you don’t play MP for a while…

      • I got downed once but never died :)
        It was good fun, I’ll be sure to host another soon!

  5. Who’s the genius that thought have a grey font on a dark background was a good idea? I can barely read it.

    I’ve heard from Yoggers via twitter that the ME3 servers are rubbish and tend to end with most matches being disconnected.

    • *having. Harbinger assumed direct control of the ing bit and i assumed caused it to go down to the pub for some reason.

      • Servers are/were complete shite but they were better last night at least.

      • Seems to be a common theme with you, perhaps it’s not entirely the servers’ fault ;)?

  6. Im not suprised that 1% of won matchs are gold, its unbelivibly hard even with maxed charecters and weapons and a diverse team all in communication with mics. Even silver can be hard to win witht that if theres a small slip up

    • Don’t forget maxed up power-ups too.

  7. I’d love to play it, but I just get constantly disconnected.

    • Same here. Total pain in the ass and it always seems to happen when I get to round 8/9/10.

      • That’s exactly it! Always around those waves, losing all that XP earned. Infuriating.

      • Disconnected 3 matches in a row the other night, each on wave 10. Was not pleased.

  8. Jeez

  9. i have only disconnected twice and iv played it quite abit, i didnt realise the problem was so bad but it explained where all my teammates are going half way through a round.

  10. Wait so i’m part of this?

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