BioWare Won’t Rule Out Changing Mass Effect 3 Ending

I haven’t been able to make time to finish Mass Effect 3 yet. In fact, I’m still in the “wander around space scanning planets” phase of my gameplay but it’s a holiday here today so I’m going to spoil myself and play for an hour or two later when I’ve done some work. I have seen some chatter around the internet about the ending.

Nothing specific (I will fight you if you spoil it) but I get the impression that many people are a little bit nonplussed by it and a certain section of people are whining like little babies about it.

[drop2]As I said, I don’t know what happens but the attitude of some people who set up petitions, emotionally blackmailed and even filed complaints with the FTC is making me ashamed to be thought of in the same vague demographic.

It’s not yours to change, you shower of numpties, it’s BioWare’s creative work. By all means, complain if you don’t like it but to assume you have the right to demand it be changed is incredibly self-important.

Anyway, BioWare is obviously a bit more patient than I am as they’ve admitted, via a statement on their Facebook page, that they are considering changing the ending to appease the entitled moaners. Their statement reads:

We would like to clarify that we are actively and seriously taking all player feedback into consideration and have ruled nothing out. At this time we are still collecting and considering your feedback and have not made a decision regarding requests to change the ending.

So there you go, soon, all of you that have already finished the game might have your experience expunged from the records and have to go back and re-do it to see the “true” ending. That’d be weird.

Please, no comments that reveal the ending to those of us who are yet to get there.

Source: Mass Effect Facebook



  1. Back in my day an ‘ending’ was a line of text saying “congratulation” and the ‘option’ to start again.

    • Not forgetting that 30 sec panic, deciding what 3 letters you were going to use.

    • Right? First time I saw an ending FMV sequence, I just about dropped a log.

      As for this, I don’t think they should change their personal creative works based on fan pressure who apparently “know better” but the very fact they’re considering it makes me feel like they weren’t sure about themselves to begin with.

      Sad little news piece actually. One of the greatest 3rd-person game series ever and this is what it’s come down to? A bit of squabbling over the ending? *sigh*


      Haters gonna hate, whiners gonna whine, lamers gonna lame.

  2. Is the ending that bad that it has to be considered to be changed?

    I have to finish the game now before they tweak the ending to see why everyone is moaning

    • Don’t complain at people complaining about the ending if you haven’t finished the game yet. I have, and BioWare managed to single-handedly ruin those 100+ hours I spent in the last 3 games and 5 years. Well done. It creates more plot-holes, closes nothing, and basically boils down to choice A, B and C which are NEARLY EXACTLY THE SAME. They promised that all of the choices we did throughout the series would effect the ending, giving us a very unique and different ending when compared to the others. Ridiculous, the game was very good up till the last 10 minutes too. DA2 was the coffin, these 10 minutes that ruin the whole FRANCHISE and give you a GODDAMN DLC prompt at the end is a disgrace and the nail in the coffin. I’m never buying a BioWare game again if they’re going to treat their customers like this.

      Oh, and it might be their game, but that does not mean that they can give us a lazy “ending”. Afterall, we are the customers and we are paying for the game and WE are the ones expecting quality and a nice closure, not them.

      • Um, he isn’t complaining, he is asking a question to those that have played it & completed it. Perfectly acceptable.

        He also goes on to mention his intention to complete the game to see it for himself. Also perfectly acceptable. In fact, admirable.

    • To answer your question Taylor, having finished the game, the ending doesn’t really feel all that great, to be honest. Although I’ll respect the fact that this is Bioware’s own work and they will always have the final say in how the game ends, it did leave quite a bit to be desired. In my personal opinion, some of the logic and reasoning behind the endings didn’t make much sense or was contradictory of a certain character’s reasoning. It also left many questions unanswered and one character actions in all of the endings was….nonsensical to put in a word. I suspect Bioware may have plans to release DLC to clarify what happened in the endings or will explain what at a later date. Either way, it’ll be needed, as this has been going on for 3 weeks now, and I doubt it’ll blow over any time soon.

    • For those who have finished the game and don’t get all the complaints, I saw this linked a while back and it explains it all pretty well.


  3. Oh ffs, get over it people! It can’t be that bad. It could be worse, they could have went down the DA2 path and the crap endings of DA2.

    Some people are making it seem like it’s the worst ending in gaming. Did it just end with a You have beaten the game, game over screen? Or cut to black?

    Also, anyone who spoils ME3, i will lock you up in Tuffcub’s cave and force you to watch Twilight with every JB song playing at the same time.

    • It’s really not. People are just throwing their prams around, some plotlines could have been closed. But that’s what DLC is for.

      • Yeah, but the way people are making it out to be, i can’t help but think that it ends in mid sentence and has the words Gamer Over. I’m not a fan of DLC being used to close plotlines. I’ll judge the ending when i complete ME3 for the first time.

      • It doesn’t end like that at all, and it is difinitive. I can’t really say anymore without spoiling it though..

  4. I’m not planning on play ME3 for months yet, what’s the chances I won’t have the ending spoilt by then thanks to the endless coverage it’s getting? Slim to none I would say :(

    • Er,your chances will greatly improve if you don’t read the coverage?
      (Sorry,couln’t resist.)
      I got to the end.I didn’t like it because it wiped out any drive to go through it again,trying different things out and seeing how it turned out.
      Thats maybe one reason for all the feet stamping and toys being thrown out the pram.That’s why I don’t like the way bioware decided how this great story comes to a close.

  5. Having put in the effort to avoid spoiling the end of Mass Effect 3, I’d avoided any of the threads discussing it, so it wasn’t aware of the apparent outrage surrounding it. Must admit I was a little disappointed to reach the end of the game, but purely on a “What, no more game? Bummer” basis, I enjoyed the game individually and Mass Effect as a series. I think any raging at the contents of the ending would be childish, I actually feel bad at the thought of Bioware having to rework a finished product to satisfy forum whining.

  6. Did anyone read about the gimp that wrote to the FTC about unfair treatment and distress caused by the ME3 ending?

    Yeah, I don’t use the word ‘gimp’ lightly…

    • He was actually complaining about false advertisement and while it’s really stupid, it was very sad that every one of his points was true.

      For those who didn’t read that story, he made a list of everything Bioware said about the ending before release, and yeah, they were just blatantly lying in most cases.

  7. I can’t believe someone has tried to sue over this ending. I’ve seen the ending, it’s alright I think. I can get why some people might be annoyed, but its conclusive enough. By the way people are reacting it’s as if the ending just does a cut to black Sopranos style, with the words ‘Mass Effect 3 Ending DLC, coming soon for only 2400 MS points’ appearing shortly after. With them now considering changing the ending, this might just be what happens.

    The game has an end. Don’t like it? Fine. Don’t demand change though or get all fucking pissy and rage-fuelled, it makes you look like a damn child who thinks throwing a strop will get what you want. I’d much rather Bioware go ‘actually, this is the ending we wanted you to have, there isn’t going to be any changes made to it, nor any alternate ending DLC, so just accept it’.

    • “I can’t believe someone has tried to sue over this ending.”

      Just to clear this up. The reason you can’t believe it, is because it hasn’t happened. An FTC/BBB complaint isn’t a lawsuit, it’s a complaint and at worse carries a tiny fine.

  8. I see a number of comments aimed at the Mass Effect fans, but can you imagine if something similar happened with a franchise like Star Wars? Imagine if, instead of something coherent, they just went “ah nuts to it, the Death Star gets blown up by firing a missile down an exposed exhaust pipe”.

    People would be SO mad.

    What? :oD

    • I think that is going to happen in the next rerererererererer oh screw it, release of Stars Wars in 3D and extra CGI. :p

    • there’s the thing though – I’m a massive Star Wars fan and I hated the prequel trilogy but I’d never dream of suggesting that Lucas changes anything about it just because I don’t like it. That’d be as stupid as altering the original trilogy to be more appealing to children and morons. Oh…

      Also, it kinda did happen with Star Wars (and there was a bit of whining) when they got to the end of the prequel trilogy and within about ten minutes they panicked, sliced off Anakin’s legs and threw him in a black leather suit. It was terribly rushed because they’d dragged out the progression up that point and then had to throw everything they needed to wrap up with that character into the last ten minutes. It was crappy and I wanted it to be different but it was someone else’s creative vision, not mine to change.

      • Oh dear. If you didn’t like _that_…

  9. The ending was fine, and I’m sure most of you will agree when you get there, I was a little disapointed but some factors of it, and confused why they chose to do certain things, but these people they are crying their eyes out and refusing to come out of their rooms until BioWare change the ending are pathetic.
    I would like a new ending but I’m not that bothered by it. Personally I think they should release it after all the DLC they plan to release and people can unlock it by playing all the DLC the same as getting the best ending by getting your readiness and military strength up.

  10. Opinion Mode Engage:

    Glad to hear they are considering changing it. I’ve played plenty of games with naff endings but likewise they had enjoyable game play to make up for it.
    Mass Effect however, from a gameplay perspective, is about as generic as it comes so the storyline needs to be perfect to make playing it worthwhile.
    For the most part they’ve nailed that, with a great collection of characters and branching storylines, however the ending feels rushed, is heaving with plotholes, barely takes any of your decisions into account and ultimately offers a souless end to what has been a terrific adventure overall.
    Of course we are talking about a game with a rubbish, tacked on multiplayer mode so a rushed single player was always going to be on the cards :(

    • Exactly what I wanted to say but couldn’t put it into words.

    • My thoughts exactly dude minus a rubbish, tacked on multiplayer. I know you’ve not tried it yet as you’ve not bought ME3 (unless you’ve changed that recently!) but it’s actually really, really fun with friends. However, the servers are pretty crappy atm and there’s a couple of things I’d change with it. Overall though, I really enjoy playing the online.
      As for the single player, I’m not one of those entitled gamers shouting everywhere for Bioware to change the storyline, but I would be very happy if they did and I’d buy the DLC immediately.

      • I don’t personally have a copy no but I have been playing it recently at a mates house :) I’ll admit “Crappy” is over-doing it a bit but, like Bioshock 2 and Uncharted, it’s a sort of game that doesn’t need a multiplayer mode and I feel the SP suffered as a result.

      • I personally feel the mp is the _best_ part about BioShock 2.

    • Holy shit dude. Rubbish tacked on multiplayer? You just ruined your opinion piece in true BioWare fashion.

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