New Steam Punk Dishonored Screens

You might see Bioshock, or even Half Life’s urban design in these screens but that’s not to say they’re not looking fairly interesting in their own right. Dishonored is looking like a very interesting project indeed, grabbing 53rd spot in our Top 100 most anticipated for 2012.

It’s a first person game in which you play as an assassin. Problems can be tackled stealthily or with gadgetry as well as through more conventional methods and it features a very open game world. Each mission outcome is influenced by your choices too, it really sounds like an interesting prospect and it’s due out this year.

Source: Press release



  1. I’ve been following this title for too long now, when’s it due?

    • Q2 2012 I think, although that isn’t very specific and could easily change.

  2. A lot less steampunk than I’d have hoped :(

    • I was thinking the same thing. I enjoy the whole steampunk look but the last game I remember that claimed it was steampunk was Damnation and I say with no exaggeration that it was the worst game I have ever played. Ever.

      Maybe Dishonored having its own look will help it avoid the Damnation curse :D

  3. I’m looking forward to most is the way you can chose how you play and how that affects things. Screens don’t look too bad, this should be good.

  4. dishonoured, dishonoured, i can vaguely remember something about that, but pretty much only the name, and my refusal to spell it that way. ^_^

  5. Very excited about this, even though it’s another first-person game.
    Interesting that the character holds their gun with the left hand and a knife with the right.

  6. Really looking forward to this. Seems like a nice mash up of lots of great minds are making this

  7. As long as their isnt coloumbine or big daddy related looking things it might be pretty decent. I did read somewhere about strapping explosives to rats to mess stuff up :P

    • I think you mean Combine! Columbine is something else I believe.

  8. Looks different :)

  9. Definitely get the HL and Bioshock look from the screens. From the sound of it this will be a Deus Ex: HR kind of game. Will keep an eye on this one.

  10. Don’t know why do i see for some reason a ‘Darkness’ feel to them screens

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