PSN Maintenance This Wednesday

Just a heads up that there will be some PSN maintenance going on this Wednesday, although If I’m reading it correctly the Network won’t actually be going down:

“There will scheduled PSN Maintenance which will begin on Wednesday 21st March from 15.00 through till 01.00 on Thursday the 22nd March.


For the duration of the maintenance certain Network services may be affected, including:

  • PS Store
  • Account Management
  • Account Registration

A small number of users may encounter the site maintenance notification page when attempting to sign-in.

Please Note: The Network will be available to users over this period, and those who have recently signed in should be able to continue to use this as normal. If you have not signed in for some time you may encounter the maintenance notification.”

Source: OPC



  1. “A small number of users may encounter the site maintenance notification page when attempting to sign-in.”

    Guarantee you that will be me & probably every single other person in my Twitter feed.

  2. Why Wednesday? The day that the store gets updated and they decide that is the best time to do maintance. What about those who work? They may have wanted to get something in this week’s update. And i bet SCEE won’t bring the update forward as god forbid that they should do something that is convient for everyone.

    • My initial thought was also that Store update day seems a pretty dumb time to choose. Oh well…

      • I swear that SCEE are determined to annoy everyone. What if a long await game is released tomorrow on the store? Can’t get it because SCEE hates it when you dare to buy games from them. :p

      • I can live with it and wait another day, but it does always seem like the maintenance for us (Europe) is always at peak times. Would be nice if it was done at a more unsociable hour sometimes.

  3. The PSN Store updates on a Wednesday. So, what’s going to be offline from 3pm on that particular day?

    • PS Store

    Oh, right.

  4. What a daft day to pick. Oh well, I doubt I’ll even be home on Wednesday anyway so I guess I won’t notice.

  5. So much for the weekly store update… What a coincidence that it’s the first update in months that I actually want to buy something from.

  6. i know they make it so it doesn’t inconvenience their favoured us and japanese customers but seriously?
    on the store update day?
    and i couldn’t find any info on similar maintenance for the us or japan.

    you know it wouldn’t surprise me if this is an eu only downtime and scee chose to do it then.

    it’s the kind of halfwitted, actually make that no witted, way they do everything they do.
    when they even bother doing the things they do.

    if game go under and that waste of space excuse for a company survive, then larry Niven was right.

    yes, this is motivated by their continued dicking me about over a small refund.

    now they’ve got to ask head office about refunding the money for games they know are broken.

    everytime i think they can’t get any more idiotic.
    they show me that you can never underestimate them

    • Europe is taken for granted by Sony, they look after their home market & they go hell for leather trying to keep up with MS in the US, but Europe despite heavily backing Sony always gets the shitty end of the stick with everything Sony do.

      As far as just maintainance outages are concerned, they’re usually overnight in Japan, during work hours in the US & of course prime-time here… No rotation whatsoever.

      (Personal opinion with TSA hat most definitely not on)

      • i know sony at large really don’t care, believe me, that’s old news to me.

        what i am just recently starting to realise is how little anybody at scee seems to care either.
        just how little effort they actually put in.
        how apathetic the whole operation really is.

        the only thing they seem to put any effort into is making excuses.

        i don’t know, maybe the attitude is coming down from above, or maybe they’ve just gotten lazy, and stupid, seeing how they seem to succeed in europe no matter what they do.

      • The sad thing about Sony not caring about Europe is that they seem to be ignoring our great support for the brand. Just look at first week Vita sales. Europe is the only region that outsold the 3DS.

      • 100% agree, the Playstation brand is loved here in europe and the Vita actually did better here then the 3DS on launch but we get s**t on by SCEE.

      • i’ve been saying for a long time, the success of the playstation brand in europe is down to the dedicated and passionate fanbase, and despite the best efforts of scee.

        one thing i have been saying that i keep getting proven wrong about though is that the fanbase doesn’t actually seem to be getting pushed away like i think it would.

        but once again, that’s also because of the loyalty of the fanbase and despite scee.

        it’s just a shame that loyalty is never rewarded.

  7. Excellent News :D

  8. Thanks for the heads up!
    have no idea why people get so annoyed by these maintenance and updates, all helps to make the service better.

    • Everyone complaining its on a store update day, get over it. Its one bloody day of the year.

    • People get annoyed because they’re always prime-time in Europe whereas they’re overnight in Japan & during the work/school day in the US… They never rotate. To add to that it’s been moved to the one day a week where everyone buys or trys out new stuff.

      I’m confused why we have these almost weekly maintenance events as it is, and I may be wrong on this, but I can’t think of a single other network of anything that goes down so often for maintenance, and I certainly can’t think of any maintenance window where the service gets better.

      • Its just some people get really annoyed by it, its tedious. And its no tedious of me to get annoyed by these people. We have come to learn that Sony doesn’t care for EU customers.

      • Now* not no

      • Agreed – Whilst i am not too bothered by this news, i do not know any other service that is offline for maintenance as often (or for as long) as PSN is.

  9. It’s only one evening and It’s got to be maintained at some point. Someone has to be disrupted and with the European Sony Love, it makes sense. One night doesn’t upset me in the slightest.

    • Just noticed i have a comment next to my name. Today just became EPIC!

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