Slant Six Announces Original IP ‘Strata Scavenger’

[drop2] Slant Six, of SOCOM and Resident Evil: Raccoon City fame, has announced an original IP titled Strata Scavanger. Not much information is available, but the title is down for a 2013 release:

“Though we’re keeping this one close to our collective chests, we can tell you that Strata Scavenger is our first original IP, and we’re pretty stoked about it. The Canada Media Fund even granted us a cool million to develop the game, based on its creative and technical innovation. Strata Scavenger is set for release in 2013.”


Our review of Resident Evil: Raccoon City went live yesterday, and whilst it’s an enjoyable enough game, repetition sets in fairly quickly.

Source: Slant Six via PSLS



  1. Ooh, new IP! I like the picture too, makes me think of a near future where crime has taken over the cities and the black of night is now permanent. You and you alone are a beacon of hope to stop society imploding on itself and humanity collapsing.


  2. I hope its decent… or a bit different but I guess thats asking too much.

  3. Have Slant six ever done anything good? Right now I don’t have the greatest faith in them…

  4. hmm i wonder what the creative and technical innovaton is to warrant a cool million?

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