Community Round-Up: 24/03/12

Hello again! Teflon kindly covered for me last week as I was a bit busy, but here I am again for this week’s Community Round-Up!

I probably shouldn’t need to remind you, but TSA and the guys over at Tecmo Koei Europe have teamed up to give you the chance to win a PS Vita with a couple of games, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus and also Dynasty Warriors NEXT. That’s right, A PS VITA!

It’s incredibly simple to enter too, just leave a comment on the article explaining what you’d do if you were granted the skills of a ninja for a day, with the winner being picked at random. Make sure you get your entries in by 9pm BST on Sunday 25th March. That’s tomorrow, so if you haven’t entered already go and do it now and good luck!

TSA’s also giving away some beta codes for the highly anticipated Diablo 3. You just need to drop a comment on the article saying how much you’d love to get a code, and we’ll chose 5 winners at random. The comp closes on Monday, so don’t forget!

This week also saw the winner being announced for the Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition Competition we ran. Congratulations are in order to ron_mcphatty whose brilliant escape plan was to head for the Falklands with his girlfriend, or if she didn’t want to go, he’d begrudgingly take Natalie Portman along with him. Poor chap.

Moving on now to the Meets, let’s see what’s happening on TSA this week. Ashw92 begins with the Modern Warfare 3 meet taking place in just a few hours, beginning at 2pm. Later tonight, Bodachi hosts the Uncharted 3 meet taking place at 7pm, as R1MJAW hosts the weekly DiRT3 meet on Sunday at 6pm.

For Monday, you have a choice between Stanley1664’s Gran Turismo 5 meet starting at 8pm, or you can make sure you wrap up warm for theberzerka’s SSX meet, also at 8pm.

And finally on Wednesday, Death_in_Flamez has created the weekly F1 2011 meet, at 8pm, as usual.

Remember, you can create your very own meet provided you have at least 250 TSA Points.

Shifting onto this week’s reviews, we’ll start with Al’s quick look at Angry Birds Space. Sticking with portable gaming, Dan busted out his 3DS to look at Kid Icarus: Uprising, which he scored at 8/10.

On the downloadable game front, we had two reviews appearing this week. First up, Blair gave PS mini title Hungry Giraffe a 6/10, whilst Rayman 3 HD received a 7/10 from Aran.

Moving onto the full console reviews, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City was given a slightly disappointing 6/10 from Dan, and Ninja Gaiden 3 was even more disappointing with just a 5/10. Finishing up with the only PC review this week, Jim takes a look at Deep Black: Reloaded and gives it a measly 3/10.

Next up, it’s time to look at TSA’s weekly features. Let’s start with McProley’s interview in this week’s Meet the Reader, who I think wins the award for the worst t-shirt and outfit. For WeView this week, leave your thoughts for Rayman: Origins, or catch the verdict for the much-loved Uncharted 3. Gamoc has a look at Gotham City Impostors for this week’s Cheap PC Gaming, whilst What We Played #45, brought to us by Greg, saw Tuffcub announces his review of Journey while Al has a rant about birds.

The latest edition of the Podcast, episode 56, featuring xeroxeroxero (otherwise known as 000, or 03) in place of the absent Peter and Lewis.

Finally, I leave you with Peter’s reminiscences over the PS3’s launch. That black box many of us have sunk hundreds of hours into turned 5 years old yesterday (in Europe). Feel free to share your own memories.

Swiftly moving on now to the forums, let’s see what’s been happening this week:

Remember, you need to be signed into TSA to view General Chat.

Once again Optimus Prime won, and now he goes into the Hall of Fame after his 9 – 5 victory over Needles. So, we need two new contestants and with the help of Teflon, here they are:



  • Has hundreds of gadgets and inventions to help him out.
  • Will have Steven Fry giving him tips throughout the fight.
  • Customisable outfits mean camouflage is easy.


  • Highly flammable, must be kept separate from light colours when washing, and can’t be tumble dried.
  • Just a little bit too floaty to control with absolute precision.
  • A total rapscallion, when it comes to putting stickers and decorations on everything in sight! The number of times I woke up and found my face covered in giant wobbly ears.

Angry Bird


  • Extremely angry.
  • Come in a wide variety of species for different tactics.
  • Have evolved sufficiently that they don’t need air to breath any more.


  • Stupidly suicidal.
  • Has poor flying skills for a so-called ‘bird’.
  • Easy to confuse with the plethora of poor imitation birds that follow the birds wherever they go.

Well that’s it for this week. Remember to leave your votes in the comments below, and don’t forget the clocks go forwards on Sunday! See you next time!

-Gazza returned this week to write this community round-up.



  1. Sackboy can rebuild defences, Angry Bird cannot rebuild it’s face. Therefore, Sackboy wins.

  2. “Highly flammable, must be kept separate from light colours when washing, and can’t be tumble dried” that cracked me up good one

    Sackboy gets my vote

  3. awesome round up! =D
    sackboy is a champion!

  4. Sackboy FTW!!! I’d be interested in how Angry Birds Vs Lemmings would get on – that’d be the ultimate suicide war!

  5. Lovely round up. Check out the failcast if you can :)
    Sackboy for me, he is so cute! :P

  6. very nice round up , Sackboy for victory

  7. Sac boy wins. He has guns.

  8. Sackboy wins. The angry birds’ suicidal tendencies are bound to cause issues in the long run.

  9. Whoa, whoa, whoa. How very dare you mock the official Timmy Mallet Fan Club Attire. I’ll happily grab the prize though, what is it?

    Sackboy would definitley bitch slap the face off a sorry Angry Bird though

  10. Sack boy wins full stop.

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