“Everybody’s Tennis” Also Removed From The PSN Store

MotorStorm Arctic Edge may have been pulled from the PlayStation Store after it was announced that the Vita Homebrew Loader would utilise it, but that hasn’t stopped folk from trying to find another way in.

The next game? Everybody’s Tennis, according to wololo.net. “Using this vulnerability,” jokes the blog author, “could allow people to run software that would be extremely dangerous for your business, such as 20 year-old 8 bit games and 154 different versions of pong.”


The vulnerability, we assume, would most likely open up the Vita to the PSP-locked homebrew scene, and will not – as wololo.net says – “allow people to play pirated PSP or Vita games.”

The game was today removed from the PSN Store by Sony, and will not show on your download list so you can’t re-download the game.



  1. So this is Sony’s answer? MS AE never made a reappearance on the PSN store. Will it be fixed or are they just going to take games from the store one by one? Makes sense. If there aren’t any games left they can’t be used to find vulnerabilities.

  2. I hope they will refund those who bought it off the store otherwise that is a bit of a dick move but understandable.

    I can understand Sony not wanting the Vita to get cracked as piracy pretty much killed off the PSP. I think this is the begining of a race between pirates and Sony. They find a loophole in a game, Sony removes it then they move onto another game.

    • i think anybody who bought it should be legally entitled to a refund if they don’t put an updated version back on the store.
      of course knowing sony they’ll probably put it back up and it will be listed as a new game so those who bought the original version aren’t able to download that one without buying it again, and it’ll takes 6 to 8 months to fix.

      • I think it’s UK law to issue a refund if the product is no longer accessible. I’m no lawyer but i think Sony risk being sued by some people. They should just give everyone who has bought it a refund or a free game from a selection of games.

  3. well, here we go again, it was a certainty for this to start happening and its a certainty that it`ll be fully compromised eventually.
    Still im happy to see a prompt response from sony, consistent plugups of gaps within its security does put a damper on piracy and CFW devs though although rather typically their customer service RE people whove already paid for it leaves alot to be desired

    • Removing a game from sale isn’t plugging a gap. It’s removing the entire wall because is had a gap.

      If they had updated the version on the store to one without the security flaw that would be plugging the gap.

      What are Sony going to do once a blockbuster Vita game has an exploitable flaw (say, uncharted)? Take that away from their paying customers too?

  4. Soon or later all PSP games will be removed from psn

  5. The Pirates are aiming to destroy our game again.
    There’s no other reason to have announced it other than complete douchebaggery, everybody knew what the response from Sony would be- they have set a precedent, after all. The hackers know what’s going to happen, why on Earth did they announce it?

    I hope Sony update the games and return them with the security update to the store. I have Motorstorm Arctic Edge on my Vita, but only because I downloaded it before the crack was announced. Would be really annoyed if I lost it, and imagine if I had owned Everybody’s Tennis too?

    • Knowing Sony’s track record I can see them removing the PSP emulator in a future firmware…

    • I guess they announced it before releasing the hack so people could buy the game before Sony removed it. It’d probably at least make Sony second guess themselves since they’d essentially have to take the word of some random hacker.

  6. This is really annoying me I have a large (ish) PSP collection on psn and now also a few Vita games. I relied on have cloud access to my games whenever I want them, now I’m think I’ll need to buy PC storage to keep them accessible all the time. It’s a curiosity that the only way I would be able to play digital copies of these two games Is via torrent sites and a cracked PSP. Welcome to the digital download age?

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