FIFA Euro 2012 Will Be DLC For The Main Game

Instead of forcing people to splash out on another full FIFA game, this year’s Euro release willbe an expansion pack (remember when we used to call them that?) for FIFA 12, a press release issued this morning has confirmed.

The bolt-on will be released on the 24th of April (for PC, PS3 and 360) and will “recreate all the excitement of the official tournament with over 50 European national teams, all eight official stadiums, and all the pageantry and atmosphere of one of the largest and most-watched sporting events on the planet.”


There’s also an all new “Expedition Mode” designed for this new title, which allows gamers to build a squad and compete against others.

“Fans will choose their favourite European player or FIFA 12 Virtual Pro to captain their customized team, win matches to earn better players from defeated nations, and then defeat the best nations to earn the best players in a campaign quest to defeat all 53 countries and complete the journey to conquer Europe”

“Plus,” says the press release, “you will be able to relive dramatic moments from the UEFA EURO 2012 qualifying campaign with challenges based on real-life matches, and replay key moments from the UEFA EURO 2012 tournament.”



  1. What about fifa Vita. Are vita players gonna see any DLC, and we are still waiting for EA to patch the stupid home and away trophy so i can actually get the platinum

  2. Quite happy with that although i do like the little ‘tester’ gameplay tweaks they put into the separate games.

  3. Most stupid decision EA have ever made.

    Euro and World Cup games fly off the shelves, so why stop maximising sales?
    Also, from a consumer perspective, the gameplay DOES change (those who suggest otherwise are factually wrong), new game modes are introduced and it does warrant a full game. I was looking forward to the new Euro game but the constant complaining from cheapskates has made EA give in :(

    Terrible news.

  4. As much as I would like the idea; I’m a bit annoyed as I didn’t buy fifa 12!

  5. It’s mind boggling that FIFA Street gets a full game and Euro 2012 gets only DLC.
    A joke.

    • To be fair though (& you have to bear in mind i haven’t played it), Fifa Street is massively different isn’t it??

      Different physics, more about the tricks than teamplay etc?

  6. Finally, the thing people have been suggesting forever. Just needs to be priced right and all will be well.

    • £15 is being thrown around. Around $23/$24??

      • It’d be there or thereabouts, yeah. I’m more a PES man myself but I wouldn’t say no to them doing something along those lines themselves.

  7. Very sensible yet probable eventuality

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