Sony’s New Game Features Mating Pandas

You know, sometimes I love the stuff that Sony Japan comes out with.  When everybody else is falling over themselves to make identikit shooters and anything they can shove a dubstep bassline into, the esoteric only manages to stand out even more.

There’s little more out there than mating pandas, mind.

Tokyo Jungle features challenges, group attacks, stealthy bits, leaderboards, unlockable animals (and costumes) and all manner of crazy goings on.  To be honest, this is probably one of those games that might need a little bit of coaxing to even think about coming out over here.

But, still, no iron sights.


  1. I was asking myself “WHY?” until I saw a chick attacking a Velociraptor. Now I get it. :D

  2. Its a shame this probably wont be released over here its something i would buy, always wanted to get Afrika but it never got a UK release.

    • I thought it got released here as National Geographic’s Afrika or something? I’ve definitely seen it in game shops from time to time, usually pre-owned.

      • Only place i have seen it was on Ebay and they always wanted £40-£45+ P&P.
        I could be wrong though have to have another look around.

      • A couple of people have been wanting to sell/trade that game on the forums. Dunno if anyone has it & doesn’t want it at the moment, but the best bet is to keep an eye on the ‘Sell it! Buy it! Swap it!’ thread.

      • Or even ask if anyone has a copy they no longer want.

      • Definitely not sold here in the UK. I have the Japan version and love it, one of my favourite PS3 games. No trophy support but your welcome to make an offer for the game if you want it :)

      • all in english I forgot to add :P

    • There’s an english language version called Hakunna Matata. I’ve got it.

  3. I just watched that with a complete disregard for my own mental stability…
    now my head hurts

  4. Pandas mating? Not very realistic

    • Probably one of the trophies to coax ’em into it.

      You have to stroke the back of the female, spike the bamboo with viagra & tickle the balls of the male for it to unlock.

  5. I thought this had been cancelled it’s been so long since we heard anything about it.

  6. Uhhh, I’m not really sure what to say about that…….

  7. It’s ridiculous. I’d buy this.

    • Same here. I don’t know what kind of game this is, but I’d buy it. Looks awesome, whatever it is.

    • That’s exactly the reason I’d buy it too.

  8. Only in Japan….

    • … Can you buy pants out of a vending machine.

  9. This must be on PSN, right?

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