Latest PS Vita Update Still Not Up In Europe

The PS Vita firmware update that we posted about this morning? It’s been pulled and delayed by Sony, according to unofficial sources this morning, with Vitas on 1.61 unable to update.

We’re hearing that there was a problem with the code which affected Ad-hoc mode, and thus the system software was taking offline until it’s been fixed.


Certainly, it doesn’t appear to be up just now, at least in Europe.

We’ll update when it’s back up and running, although current end-user response to the patch has been less than entirely positive, with many hoping PSOne functionality would be in.

Update: Sony has confirmed that the update was taken down, telling us it’s due to a “technical fault”.

“For any customers who may have already downloaded the firmware, they can continue as normal,” said a spokesperson.



  1. Someone commented on Eurogamer that the German twitter account said it won’t be up today and has been pulled. Apparently those who managed to get it will have to download another update to fix it.

    Some people are saying though that it did fix the PS+ minis issue. Well see when it’s out.

  2. Mine upgraded when i wanted to play Wipreout at 6.30am this morning (weird, I know). UK BTW.

  3. There hasn’t even been a update available for my PSV other than the one on launch day.
    Stupid if you ask me, making a update that doesn’t update.

  4. Well I have 1.65.

    • It has fixed the PS+ minis problem even if it’s not noted, I’ve only tried Hungry Giraffe but I presume if one works, they all work.

  5. Strange… I havent seen the phrase epic fail yet…

  6. Shame I was looking forward to getting to play my PS+ mini’s.

  7. *yawn* wake anyone when they should make PSone games compatible.

  8. Update now live

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