Street Fighter X Tekken Online Sound Fix Update Incoming

The annoying sound issues plaguing the online component of brawler Street Fighter X Tekken are finally to be fixed, Capcom have announced.

The developer previously outlined that the sound discrepancy was a result of the netcode implemented in the title and has revealed that a patch to sort out the issue will go live on 10th April.


Capcom’s fix will be part of the upcoming Tournament update, which will feature a new number wheel system set to speed up the gem selection process.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Sup.. Hadouken! *1sec delay

    Great!… hopefully most of the bugs are ironed out from the game till when the Vita version is released.

    • Any idea when the Vita version is out?

    • Sadly… Autumn I believe

      • Ouch.
        That settles it for me then- Mortal Kombat will be my brawler this year for the Vita. It’s out soon, and it’s Mortal Kombat! What’s not to like?

      • Its a shame because I’ve never liked MK much but its still good, always have loved the gameplay of the Japanese fighting games like Guilty Gear, Tekken or a Capcom title.

        When is MK for UK or Ire?

      • May 4th.

        Mortal Kombat has always been my favourite fighter, because I’m least crap at that.

  2. I could imagine that being extremely off-putting when trying to fight. Could that they’ve been fairly sharp in fixing it.

  3. Needs sorting, cannot consider playing online with the current issues…

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