Meet the Reader: DaywalkerLiam

Following on from last week’s madness, we have something only mildly more sane. Say hello to Liam, everyone!


Who are you, how old are you and where do you come from?

I’m Liam Bright, I’m only just 18, and I’m from some place called Ware. If you say “Where? AHAHAHAHAHAHAH.” I’ll crucify you.

Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of WarioWareI can do the “Where?” gag if you prefer, though.

Face of disapproval.

Haha. So, you’ve only just turned 18? Congratulations on making it to pseudo-adulthood. When and how did it go down?

Had a meal, saw family, and went to the pub waiting for all this to blow over.

So, much ado about nothing?

Much ado about nothing, indeed!

Did you at least enjoy your birthday a little, or are you completely from the same school of thinking as I am that they’re ridiculous nonsense?

It was great going down the pub, and it was really a lovely day! It just means I’m getting older and have to be responsible now, they say.

Pretty sure that doesn’t happen until you’re 21.

Really? Well then, PAARRRTTTAAAYYYYY!!!!!!! Let’s get it on!!

Not get it on in that way, though. You filthy man.

Speaking of filth, how DID you come up with your TSA/PSN ID?

PSN ID is shameful. I love Metal Gear Solid so I used Metal and Loved Colin McCrae Dirt so I used Dirt. Added numbers because I’m a suave motherfunkmiester. Then my TSA ID is from Blade. Love those films, but the third not so much. Silly Wesley Snipes and his tax evasion!

So, just for those that aren’t quite following what on earth is going on here, what are your two IDs?

On PSN I’m MET4L_D1RT, and on TSA I’m Daywalker. Although I’ve taken to just being Liam at the moment. Just because I’m Liam.

Huh…. Yeah, I guess that makes a little bit of sense! Now, you’re obviously here, because you like to play those spangly video game console things. How did you first come across gaming?

Back in the day, my dad had (Still has) a Mega Drive and Game Gear, on which I’d play Gynouge (?) and Sonic. Went from that to Game Boy Colour and Pokémon Yellow to PS1 and then PS2, to then finish here at PS3.

I did spend a lot of time round my friends in between the Sony releases, mainly playing Goldeneye and Mario Kart on the N64, and later on Halo 2 Co-op on the Xbox. I still now go round friend’s houses and play Halo: Reach, with a few drinks to make it interesting.

So yeah, pretty well rounded experiences.

Classic multiplayer games, those.

Local Multiplayer must never die.

Absolutely! It’s good to see that it still has a place, and has even made something of a come back as time has gone by.

I’m not sure of that Game Gear game that you mentioned. Gynouge? It sounds like a gynaecology sim, but if you can describe it, maybe we can figure out what it really is?

Its a game, right, where you’re this dude, with wings and stuff, and you throw fireballs as you fly through the side scrolling terrain killing bad monsters and things. The soundtrack is immense and the gameplay spot on. May or may not have a rom of it onto my PC, of which I still play…

And on the subject of Gynaecology, there are a few levels/monsters that do resemble certain anatomical pieces in shape AND colour.

Hmmm. I can’t place that…

It has the American name of Wings Of Wor, I believe?

Google is only a hindering me in this instance!

Gynoug it is, even.

Oh nice, you found it! I was about to open it up to the readers.

I’m sure they love it.

Some of them would rather have the gynaecology sim, I reckon.

The ones that would probably already have one.

Hehehe. You were right when you said you had a fairly diverse gaming background, so I’m expecting an interesting choice for the next question: What’s your favourite game of all time?

I actually have already mentioned this on TSA TV episode 3, but it’s Metal Gear Solid 3. That game. Phwwoooaaarrr.

Ah yes, I remember.

Blew my brains out.

Are your brains still hanging off your wall behind a poster?

Indeed they are! I don’t like cleaning as you can gather.

Yeah, it’d be a bit icky too. You’re your own man now, nobody can make you clean your room if you don’t want to!

Yeah, [fiddlestick] the police! (These views are not my own, please don’t arrest me).

Can I swear? Should I substitute in words like Beryllium?

I might tone it down a little. Maybe say funk instead of [funk]?

Yeas, for the younglings.

Yeah, very sensitive souls, they are.

Fromage The Police!!

They need the sustenance! So, we now have recalled your favourite game of all times, but I always enjoy asking what the most embarrassing game you’ve played is? On top of that, did you actually enjoy it?

Hmmm. I recently played some dance game on the Wii. Oh dear god, it was shameful. Not only do my limbs function independently from each other, I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be doing!

The ones where all it can detect is the waggle remote? I’ve never understood those. Kinect is the only way they make sense.

Yeah, it’s one of those waggle ones, where you’d get a better score if you purely sat down and furiously shook the remote.

Like in Wii Tennis and Bowling?

Exactly. Boxing too. Not Golf, though. That took skill. Ah, the Wii, I almost forgot it existed!

Good system. Are you looking forward to the WiiU at all, just to see what it can do?

The whole separately functioning connected controller looks like a great idea, but in terms of the system itself, no. With a next gen release imminent, it’ll already be behind on power, etc. before it’s even released.

Sure Nintendo fans will get it, with the promise of Zelda and Mario, but compared to what I hope the next Sony or Microsoft offerings will be, it doesn’t hold up.

That depends on if the rumours are true, surely? The PS3 and 360 are some seriously old hardware now, and it wouldn’t take a whole lot to better them quite significantly. The WiiU could feasibly be quite a bit closer to the PS4 and Next Xbox, and so establish itself as the new baseline. Hopefully, anyway!

That is a good point indeed, with them trying to break into the (hate the use of this) ‘Hardcore’ market among gamers, and being able to play the ‘AAAA’ games of the next gen along with the two new consoles, rather than the majorly less appealing ports of games like CoD onto the Wii.

I hate “AAAA” more than “Hardcore”!

Yeah, it’s what I’ve seen flying around to describe the top tier games or the next, next gen.

I think if Nintendo can get 3rd parties on there, then there’s less of a reason for kids growing up to want the alternative systems. Anyway, future system speculation aside, what big titles are you most looking forward to from the crop left in 2012?

I am so behind on games, I’ve completely fallen out of the new games loop. Apart from the MGS HD Collection which I neeeeeeeeeeed, it would probably be Assassin’s Creed 3. Saying that, The Last of Us looks amazing, and so does Borderlands 2.

There’s a lot there, though. It’s just not quite as obvious feeling as it has in the last few years. Bioshock, Far Cry 3…

There have been a lot of big titles in recent years, mainly sequels, though. It’s the same with film, and I hate to say  it on something like this, I’m looking forward to more than games this year.

To some extent, yes, but there are a lot more stand-alone films than there are games.

Well there a thousands of indie games on the downloadable markets, but yes, in terms of disc releases, there are slim to none.

Games hinge heavily on the title and sequels, whilst a big name director, scriptwriter or actor (or 17) can pull in the interest and get a film to the screen.

Very good point, but Nolan North! If he’s in it, it has to be good! Amiright?

They should put stickers on things, so that we can know which games have him in. Lovely guy, though.

Stickers would be on all games. They should probably put them on the ones he’s not in, instead.

Big red X stickers. Sounds like a plan.

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  1. Good read that. Though i don’t have a clue what that last bit was about. Maybe its too early for me.

  2. Really funny at the end. No idea what that question is about. All the best with getting the grades too :) Not long until summer exams :/

  3. This dude is an absolute legend!

  4. I love lamp Liam. One of my favourite TSA members.

    The chats between you and Person678 on Twitter really used to make me laugh too. Shame you’re not around as much these days but your studies are important so I can see why!

  5. What have you done to my creation, Liam!? *cries in the corner* You’ve soiled it! :p

    MGS3 is one of my favorite games of all time and it was the game that got me into the MGS series. I actually managed to understand it despite not playing any MG games before it. :O

    Warewhere, i don’t get it. O-o I’m surprised that Tef didn’t make a twilight joke about your username being Daywalker. ;)

    *goes to get the sponge and takes MTR in the shower to scrub it clean* :p

    • Yeah well it’s the prequel of prequels, you don’t really have to play any MGS game before that as the story starts in 3. :)

  6. Ah, I’ll not forget you trying to whisper to us whilst simultaneously playing Left 4 Dead and also lying next to your sleeping parents.

    • They were in the other room!! I’m not _that_ creepy that I sleep in the same bed!

  7. Welcome Liam! I have suffered the same fate of Ware and the endless joke that everyone thinks is funny… argh!

  8. Cheater.

  9. awesome read=D
    no idea what the last question was about but this was an awesome MTR!
    and nice to meet u Liam =D

  10. I’m called Liam. I love metal gear solid it’s my favourite. Blade is the only good vampire film, it’s ace, Wes was also awesome in white men can’t jump. You are a different time version of me as I am 32 ha. Weird. Good read though….

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