Blockbuster’s Prototype For Game Retail Success

Blockbuster has long been one of those games retailers that flew under the radar a little bit. They’ve had some cracking deals in the past but they’ve never really shouted too loudly about them or made a big deal out of their growing commitment to selling games in the UK. That all looks like it’s starting to change though.

They’ve just been in touch to let us know that they’ve got exclusive rights to sell a Limited Edition of Prototype 2 in the UK. The edition includes two pieces of DLC which give the player a couple of extra moves in their repertoire.


The Bio-Bomb Butt Kicker allows Sgt James Heller to perform a supercharged drop-kick, turning enemies into living, exploding projectiles as they are thrown at other enemies. Combined with this, gamers are presented with the Vehicle Specialist upgrade which offers an additional armour boost when driving or piloting ANY military vehicle.

So, that’s nice. Even nicer, though, is the price. Blockbuster’s limited edition of Prototype 2 will sell for £34.99, which sounds awfully cheap to me. Fortunately, for those of us who live in the sticks and don’t have access to a Blockbuster store, they’re also selling via their website. The game is released on 24th April.

Source: Press Release



  1. Thats good for Blockbuster. Always liked them. Was where I bought my PS3 from initially for a good price as well.
    They have gone unnoticed for the last few years but you can still pick up some great deals there.

    • SNAP!!

      Thats where i got my launch PS3 too along with Resistance FOM for a good price.

      I tend to think Blockbuster prices for launch games are fine at usually £39.99 but if i can get them cheaper online and recieve them early thats what i tend to do.

      The staff at my blockbuster in Hull are fantastic especially the manager Clef you can always have a laugh with him and i find its a nicer place to shop there then it is at GAME/Gamestation.

      • I got mine with Fight Night round 3, but shortly went back and bought Resistance and Motorstorm from them :P

        My local one shut down which was a bit gutting but I always remember them being quite friendly in there :)

      • Got my PS3 from blockbuster as well :)

  2. They have been under radar much like Prototype itself. The original was a lot of fun so I’m looking forward to getting the second.

  3. I’m out in the sticks, and Blockbuster is my only local games retail specialist.

    The staff at my local store are friendly and knowledgeable, and while they aren’t the cheapest, they aren’t the most expensive either. It’s been my go-to store for high street browsing for a few months now.

    Not sure about Prototype, but I’ll certainly keep my eyes open for more pre-order exclusives.

  4. i used to love that show, they’ve been showing old episodes on Challenge recently.
    and they’re making a new series too, joy. ^_^

    anyway, i’m not a big fan of these kind of things, and what’s worse they usually do deals with half a dozen different retailers and each one has a different bit of content.

  5. One of my local Blockbuster’s does managers specials on fairly new games with ridiculously good prices (around £12.99). Driven me to many an impulse buy!

  6. I do love Blockies. Not a massive range of games to choose from (not new ones at least) but you can usually find a decent bargain or two in there. For example I came out of my local store this weekend with Halo:Anniversary for £12 :)

  7. Yup, I love Blockbuster, I’ve bought games from there more often than Game since November since there’s on pretty much on my street since I moved.

    • And here we see the typo in its natural environment…

  8. We only have 1 blockbuster in Stoke-on-trent because most or populous are still trying to get past VHS. Its in a really obscure hard to get to place too so never really shopped there. Will get Prototype 2 from there and see what I think.

  9. With the recent high profile problems for GAME now is a great time for a store like Blockbuster that still has high street presence to start pushing game sales. They could easily snatch a few customers from GAME this way.

  10. Sounds pretty good, I ought to give Blockbuster another go, they do some sweet pre-owned deals too.

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