Crysis 3 Is Coming

Hardly a surprise, this. Crytek has been expected to announce a third game in the Crysis series since just after the second one was released. It looks like that announcement is now imminent though.

GameReactor magazine covers in Sweden are sporting a fancy, nanosuit style hex pattern. This has led some sleuths on NeoGAF to predict a Crysis 3 announcement very soon. If that was all, we’d likely agree and move on, wait for the official word. But EA’s Origin store has also had a little slip.


If you searched for “Crysis 3 Pre-order” then the results returned a link to the Origin store where they were advertising the pre-order of the unannounced sequel.

That entry on Origin seems to have been taken down now but it’s presence on EA’s digital distribution platform, coupled with the Swedish magazine cover, seems to offer compelling evidence of a reveal within the next week or so.

Source: NeoGAF and Google (since removed)



  1. If this comes out this year…. it would be a very busy year. I still need to download the first & buy the second.

  2. Should leave it for next gen in my opinion.

    • Agreed, since the last two have relied on graphics heavily for their wow factor. Not to say they weren’t good games outside of that, mind.

      • Could look even better! I did enjoy Crysis 2 as well.

  3. Awesome although this ‘wait fro the official word’ needs to be corrected ;)

    • Blargh, fat fingers. Fixed now, thanks ;)

      • Read as:
        Wait… AFRO! The official word…

      • All official game announcements for the future should be made by a hand appearing from a giant afro and holding up a card with the game’s name on it.

  4. Crisis 2 was a bore so this will be pass.

    • Agreed, I think I must have only got 10-20% in but it was such a boring chore to get that far even. No Crysis 3 for me thanks.

    • I agree 100% i gave up on it

    • Unfortunately I agree, gave up on it as well in the first 10% or so. Will give it another go when no other games need my attention…

  5. It was far too easy to use cloak all the time in Crysis 2 and just sneak past levels…Crysis 1 was much better in that respect, and much more challenging. Hopefully they’ll go back to the original for this one.

  6. Also, I hope it is open world like the first..

  7. this game was pain in the ass, the only reason I bought at the time was cause it was being compared graphic wise with killzone 3 so I bought it, I think I did about 3/4 missions thinking maybe its a slow start it will get interesting but just gave up on it.

    Boring game

  8. Have never got into Crysis. Sure they are pretty games but any game where you can just walk through most of it in stealth mode needs some work doing to it. Boring and bland fps

  9. Crysis games seem to be little more than a tech demo to sell their middleware, there is a whole game there but they’re so bland.

    • thats what I thought, I bought the last one, and really enjoyed it for a short while…but then realise there wasn’t much depth online or in the campaign and became bored quite quickly.

      I wont be buying the next one unfortunately.

  10. Crysis 3 seriously needs to pick up the slack in the storytelling and gameplay department. It’s one thing for a game to look great, it’s another thing for the entire game being great.

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