WeView Verdict: Crysis 3

There wasn’t much of a reaction to Crysis 3 in this week’s WeView, with very little positivity in the comments section. I had almost expected it, but it seems people were really let down by the third instalment in the franchise.

Although he hadn’t actually played the game, Lieutenant Fireman avoided the title due to hearing that the story was very forgettable, something he had found similarly in Crysis 2. As a consequence of this, he hopes that Crytek will forgo Crysis 4 and instead focus on TimeSplitters, which he found “infinitely more enjoyable”.

There were only really three responses that count this week, all of which had different verdicts. First up was JohnnyBoy who said although he remembered enjoying the game, he didn’t really remember the story. Looking back on Crysis 2, I feel the same; I really enjoyed that instalment but can’t remember much that actually happened.

He went on to say that he had problems with the game expecting you to be constantly stealthy and that he “just ended up in a firefight after getting past a few enemies”, although he suspects that the reason was his “lack of skill rather than the game”. He concluded that if you enjoyed the first two, then you’ll enjoy this entry into the series.

TSBonyman was less enamoured with the game, calling it a competent shooter with “some cool tech”, but that you “expect to be drawn in by the storyline or characters” in his short verdict.

It was sabbat7001 who had the most to say about the game, starting by saying it was the biggest “let down” he had seen since Ghost Recon: Future Solider – “a game so insipid I had to turn to Google for the name because I’d forgotten it” – going on to say:

I know all the ranting about amazing visuals was really aimed at the PC version but I didn’t expect the console version to be so bland. After the first level on the docks and once I’d gotten over my initial “Oh, an over grown New York. Cool” moment I kept waiting for some more new environments or scenery but nope. That’s 95% of what you’re going to get for the whole rest of the game. By the time I was a third of the way in, it was already starting to feel like a grind. The same enemies. The same environments over and over and zzzzzzzzz…”

No good, then. He concluded by saying that he only suffered through the game because he “paid full price for it” and that he traded it in immediately after completing it, recommending that you should borrow the game rather than spend money on it.

Overall, Crysis 3 ends up with one Buy It rating from JohnnyBoy (since it’s almost at Bargain Bin It price anyway), a Bargain Bin It rating from TSBonyman and a scathing Avoid It from sabbat.

Finally, the poll makes a return this week. If you remember back to last week, you’ll know that we had a tie for top place between Crysis 3 and Super Stardust Delta. We’ll be seeing Super Stardust Delta tomorrow, so along with Crysis 3 that drops off the poll. They’re replaced by Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Aliens: Colonial Marines. I suspect one of those may get a more positive response than the other.


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  1. Just what I expected. Very happy to say I avoided this from the start!

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