Mass Effect 3 Patch Causing Problems

It seems the latest Mass Effect 3 patch has caused a number of problems, specifically with Xbox 360 versions of the game by the sounds of it. Gamers have been unable to load up the main menu, with the game entering an endless loading loop. Other times the game locks the console up completely.

BioWare has said they are aware of the issue. If you’re having similar difficulties, head over to the forum and leave your details.

Source: BioWare via Eurogamer



  1. *golf clap*
    I updated last night, with no issues (aside from invincible bloody Geth Primes)

  2. At least gamers can’t get to the ending.

    See? RESULT.

  3. Bioware, we don’t need another Bugthesade. ;) I expect this from them not you. oh god, what if they patch it, then it screws up the ps3 version, then they fix that, then it screws up the 360 version? :S

    I had textures pop in last night but apart from that, the game is working fine for me on PS3. :)

    • Can’t vouch for that. It’s caused the framerate on my PS3 to slow down badly.

  4. “BioWare has said they are aware of the issue.”

    BioWare has said they were aware of the numerous PS3 issues and crashing bugs (not even talking about the dreadful framerate), yet they fixed none of them in their latest patch.

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