Sony Now Running Adverts For God Of War Game

Sure, we’ve already figured out that it’s God of War, but it looks like Sony are pushing next week’s tease further afield than just Facebook and the official blog.


The advert above, which actually just takes you here, was spotted over on Kotaku.

Without spoiling the existing God of War series, it’s not hard to imagine what ‘nothing will bring them back’ is referring to.



  1. The “Click Here” Doesn’t work :(

    • Lol – That’s just a picture!

      The actual links in the text work though. :)

  2. I assume it’s referring to ‘The Collector’ and the ‘Negativitron’ from Littlebigplanet? I’m sure it’s nothing to do with God of War…

    • If there is a game that can bring things back, it’s LittleBigPlanet haha

  3. oh mman, I dont know what to do with myself if its God of war by the Gods strike me down already

  4. Odds on they get brought back at the end then.
    If it does refer to some people who were killed by Kratos though, then I’m guessing this must be God of War IV on PS3, and not a portable side-story like the two PSP games. It seems too central to the story to make it on Vita, unless it’s a game available on both PS3 and Vita.

    PS3 exclusive I reckon, GOWIV.
    Then again, if it’s a subtitle, (beginning with ‘A’) it’s surely an offshoot, positioning it for the Vita. Unless the A isn’t for a subtitle at all, but is simple A as in Picture A, picture B etc. or even simply stands for Asset.

    I think I’m reading too much into everything now, my head hurts.

    • I don’t think Santa Monica will work on a portable version as normally that gets left to other teams like ready at dawn that made the collection volume 2. Santa Monica normally do the games for the home consoles. I’m hoping for God of War IV for PS3 and maybe a port to Vita (ported by whoever)

  5. Guessing God of War title for Vita or God of Anthology; a boxed set with all current GoW games for Vita/PS3.

    • A God of War Anthology for Vita would be amazing.
      Although I hope they’d be available seperately- there’s no way I could play 5 games straight and not get bored of the mechanics.
      I could make do with the trilogy, and get the PSP games at a later date (they ARE amazing, though…)

  6. With E3 being not too far away why not hold a GoW announcement back until then. Surly that would make more sense?

    • Sony always has some games at E3 plus we will see game play probably.

    • Grab the hype and headlines now, rather than risk being drowned in among the other announcements.

      For example, a PS4 or Xbox 3 level of announcement…

      • That doesn’t mean I think this is next-gen by the way.
        After all, didn’t GOW2 come out on PS2 after the PS3 (US) launch?

  7. The ‘A’ could be for God of War Announcement – Non?

    • That seems… Obvious.
      I’d go with this one.

  8. For Vita!

  9. NOTHING will bring them back…..if the new God of War game is for facebook.

    Then again it could be referring to the already murdered bosses of the previous three games being brought back once more and then being permanently eliminated by Kratos (as that means Kratos actually has someone to kill in God of War 4)

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