Codemasters To Concentrate On Racing

The Codies are waving a sad farewell to the ‘action genre’ and will concentrate on race games.

Alongside DiRT Showdown the teams will be working on new titles in the F1 and Grid series. The move follows disappointing sales for Bodycount and Operation Flashpoint: Red River.


Codemaster have also announced Racenet, a new online community hub that will players to create a ‘Driver Profile’ which can be used in all future Codemasters racing games.

Racenet will launch with the Dirt Showdown demo on May 1st.

This does not, as you may have heard elsewhere, mean the end of the ‘Codemasters’ name.  They’re simply concentrating on Codemasters Racing label going forward.

Source: press release.



  1. Was that a new GRID announced in that press release..?

    • I thought that’d already been announced?

      • When was a new Grid announced?

      • There was no official announcement but they had confirmed they were working on it.

    • Thats what stood out for me as well. I know there was talk a while back that they would be working on a GRID 2 game but nice to know its still happening.

      • Not rushed either…..patch free maybe? Nah! :P

  2. New Race Driver:Grid……Yaaaaaaassssss!!! First I’ve heard of this. Great news!!

    • Was disappointed with the last Dirt game so I’m hoping codies are back to their best with Grid 2.

  3. Still looking forward to their web based F1 management thingy! Racenet sounds interesting.

  4. More Micro Machines!

  5. Hopefully they’ll get around to making a rally game one day.

  6. Dirt 3 is a great racer, showdown pre-ordered already, just as Grid 2 will be. :)

  7. Were they not focusing on racing before then? I know they did Flashpoint, but have they done anything apat from that?

    • Don’t they do the cricket games too?

    • Bodycount as mentioned in the article for one.

      Can not wait for GRID 2. I hope they make it just like the first one, just with more of everything. The handling was a perfect mix of arcade and sim. Easy enough that anyone could pick it up, but challenging enough with the aids off to satisfy most sim racers.

    • I still want them to bring back MUSIC.

      • I never, ever, EVER do this, but on this occasion i will;


        Music 2,000 & the somewhat less impressive MTV Music Generator 2 were brilliant packages (as they weren’t really ‘games’) & i can’t help but think that this sort of thing would be awesome for move.

  8. It’s been like 4 years since GRiD, most of us waiting are tired of waiting now! No game can match the fun of GRiD online, its the COD of driving online.

    • Haha! Tell me about it, I’ve completed the campaign like 4 times!

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