ToeJam & Earl Creator Is Working On Something For Sony

ToeJam & Earl is one of those games that has never really been matched. It was, I suppose, a kind of dungeon crawler except each dungeon was a verdant green island and the loot you collected was bits of your broken spaceship. The enemies were all odd caricatures of human characters and you could play the whole game in cooperative 2-player mode with new dialogue. It was wonderful.

Now, one of that game’s creators is working on something for Sony. Greg Johnson now runs HumaNature Studios and that company has listed two jobs which hint at their next project – a Technical Artist and a Game Designer.


In a listing on, Greg says:

As it happens, HumaNature Studios now has the good fortune of starting a new title directly for Sony that is cute and filled with quirky personality. It’s also super innovative in the area of emotional AI and personality simulation. It designed for both male and female players, and will be marketed in the U.S. and in Japan.

While the listing on Gamasutra’s jobs pages has two bullet points that fill my heart with glee and make it sound like the spirit of ToeJam & Earl is still very much influencing this new project:

  • You should love games that create charming and believable, emotionally compelling simulated worlds; games like ICO, Beyond Good and Evil, Animal Crossing, Scribblenauts, Little Big Planet, and others.
  • You should be crazy-imaginative and have a wild and wicked sense of humor. Perhaps you write fiction, or create your own board games, or do operatic improvisational theater. You should be an excellent communicator and have a fine command of the English language. You should know lots of big words (like “intrinsic”, or “entropy” or “methodologies”) but prefer to use clear, simple words.

Sounds like something quirky and lighthearted, possibly well suited for Vita?

Source: Gamasutra and Tech-artists via VG247 and Superannuation.



  1. Sounds interesting! However I’d love there to be a TJ&E remake. I miss the farting in the lift, the psychedelic colours and patterns, the hot-tub and hula girls, root beer, the Nerd Herd, and how I miss the icarus wings – I’d always fall down about 3 levels when they ran out. And the present randomiser!!

  2. Nice, should be a nice addition to the Playstation libary, wonder if its PSS only.

  3. I was interested until it said that it will only be marketed in US and JP territory. TJ&E rocks.

    • Yeah its silly, why leave the EU out.

  4. Get me TJ&E on the PS3/Vita, now! In HD would be even better.

    Really, I loved this game, played a lot of it, but only finished it once (it was very hard in later levels).

    • too damn right, goddamn overpowered dentists and boogeymen.

  5. I loved TJ&E, what a great game back in the day. If only they brought it out now, I would buy it in an instant. Good news if they are to create something new.

  6. I’m not familiar with TJ&E, but just looking at the list of games they love i can see this is going to be one to watch out for.

  7. I emailed Greg Johnson once as a) I am a big Toejam and Earl fan (the first game) and b) I thought he would like to see the Eurogamer retrospective article. To my surprise he responded stating that there were plans for a new version. Would be fantastic if given the go ahead. Well done Sony.

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