PES 13 Trailer Has Skillz

Ahhh I remember buying Ronaldo for 52 PES points. Not the handsome tall dark Portuguese lad lighting up La Liga but the small round baldy buck toothed Brazilian who lit up…well, La Liga amongst other leagues. Back then PES was the football game to buy. Fifa was “crap” and nothing would ever catch Konami’s masterclass in football genius.

Fast forward just short of a decade and my, have the years been tough for Konami’s annual football game (and Ronaldo, he has worse hair than Harry Stiles). So will PES 2013 be the year it all changes for them? Well there is the trailer below that might help you decide.


My guess is you have already made your mind up and EA will continue their stranglehold of the footballing market.

Prove me wrong Konami, please, just prove me wrong.

Update: There were some other details released too –

  • Freedom of movement has been improved (as has it every year supposedly).
  • More choice on how you want to take your first touch on.
  • Manual passing and shooting in it’s fullest form (expect to miss more sitters than ever).
  • More defensive controls on how to contain players (sounds a lot like another footballing game I’ve heard of),
  • AI improvement.

There has been no word on wether they have fixed the issue of players using “the force” to hit the ball.

Oh, and have some (apparently) pre-rendered screens that show off Ronaldo’s beautiful shiny face.



  1. that trailer looks like an annoucement trailer, something i didnt need as its a yearly franchise, i wanted to see some actual football being played

  2. Barring any ball physics disasters I’m looking forward to this immensely, been missing the Master League since my footie purchase last October.

  3. Each year this gen, PES has failed to deliver, I expect the same to happen this year

  4. PES, aren’t they those small sweets you put in that dispenser that opens a mouth for you to take one? I used to love them.

    FIFA this year, thanks.

  5. Please, please, please be a good PES. Can’t beat Master League though.

  6. FIFA looks prettier, PES plays better, naturally gameplay is king.
    I try both (at least demos) each year & nothing has changed my view yet.
    (dload all licensed strips week of release, so you cant pull that fifa card out.)
    Braces for fallout from comment.

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