Home Gets 1.65 Update

Home: that community-dividing presence that splits opinion worse than Marmite. Well it’s had an update and with it comes a whole host of features that I’m likely to ignore. But I know some of you out there enjoy dancing in that big square or pretending to be a girl so here is the update.

Straight from the horses mouth (or Sony in this case)

    Menu Screen
    The new Menu Screen replaces the old Menu Pad. It functions in a very similar way to the old Menu Pad but we have made many improvements to its speed and ease of use. Browsing your inventory from the Menu Screen now uses the same system as the Wardrobe and Furniture Browser.

    Personal Voice Chat
    The new Personal Voice Chat system replaces the old Telephone Call system. The major benefit of this new system is that a Personal Voice Chat is treated as another voice channel by the chat log which means all communication is now managed from one place: the Chat Log. You can switch between voice channels while remaining in a Personal Voice Chat without having to end the conversation.

    Furniture Slots
    Each apartment or clubhouse can hold up to 100 items of furniture measured in slots. Prior to patch 1.65 a Normal Furniture Item always took up 1 slot and an Active Furniture Item always took up 22 slots. With patch 1.65 developers will now be able to create Normal and Active Furniture Items of different slot sizes. Therefore Active Furniture Items can be created that take up fewer slots and you will be able to place as many Active Furniture Items in your personal space as will fit. How many slots a piece of furniture will use is also displayed on the detail page of each item when you are viewing it in the store.

There you have it. Anything interest you enough to install it onto your HDD, or yet another pointless update you’ll ignore?

And finally, the all important question. Marmite: Yes or no?

Source: PS3 Blog.



  1. Where’s my bloody Hall of Fame. Nevermind. I give up. It’s just… done. I’ll just forget it was ever mentioned. Sony seem to have done so.

    • I really hope they don’t give up on it. I really like the idea of them using home as the os of ps4 and you starting there. That would really make it perfect. I just hope someone from sony reads this and tries it.

      • Christ, it’d take as much time as booting up an old Windows server! I’d like to see more integration though (i.e. avatars matching your Home self).

  2. Marmite – no, it leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.
    Home – no, it leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.

    • Comment of the day!

      • Digital world that has been forgotten, must have a revisit.

  3. yes

  4. I don’t mind Home, sure it’s not exactly what Sony said it would be but it have evolved immensely since it has begun. I think the naysayers should hop back on for a bit, you’ll be surprised at all the changes that have been made.

    • It may have evolved, but into something that was a massive mistake. Sony should of used their time on something else.

      • Are you kidding? Home brings in a huge amount of revenue to Sony which they desperately need/appreciate.

    • See the problem is I am surprised by the changes and the support Sony have given it. I’m just not interested. That is where the problem lies.

      • That’s fair enough, Home won’t be for everyone.

  5. do people still use this? muahahahahahahaaa

  6. When was the last time any of the people that slag of Home actually used it to play games? There are some corking games. Cogs, RC car racing, Sodium 2, Uncharted, and Fishing. All free and all good fun. Home has changed a lot. Try it.

    • I have, I just don’t like it. I find it far too slow and cumbersome. I also have never tasted marmite in my life.

    • time it takes to log in and do stuff, I could already be playing a proper game that lasts longer than 5 mins. I just don’t see the point in it at all.

  7. Oh and Marmite is wrong.

  8. Home – Yes
    Love/Hate thing – Just a solid no and yuck.

  9. Just to add about marmite, sometimes I like it, other times I don’t.
    Strange but true.

    • Not odd at all. I hated it up until I was 16. Now, for the past 11 years I’ve loved it!

      • Really? Is it easy to convert? I probably won’t because I’ve always hated it.

  10. I’ve tried to give home a go, ever since the closed beta. The only thing that got my attention was XI (Got the T-Shirt!). Now, I just think I need the extra space on my Hard Drive.

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