Lost Planet 3 Site Goes Live With Screens Aplenty

Lost Planet 3 still features those big buggy aliens with the glowing orange parts then. Let’s be honest, we’d be disappointed if it didn’t. The massive monster bosses and “shoot the weak point” gameplay is what Lost Planet has always been about so the indication that Spark Unlimited didn’t have a lot of scope to reinvent the look of it is hardly surprising.

The official site has been launched, with a host of new images to feast your ravenous eyes on. As you can see, it looks like a Lost Planet game. It’s not due out until next year though, so I assume these are target renders and concept art.

Source: Capcom via Andriasang



  1. Who keeps losing track of these planets? :)

  2. Thay should call it frozen planet and have david attenborough do the voice over for the main guy.

    i’d buy it then :)

    • ‘And here we have [guns shots], a newly discovered species [guns shots], called the Authidean Quaripod [gun shots], that is now extinct.’

  3. lol

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