Black Ops 2 Confirmed, November 13th

Hardly a surprise, but it looks like the next Call Of Duty game will be – as everyone thought – a sequel to Black Ops called, wait for it, Black Ops 2.

Picked up by IGN, the news comes via a Target pre-order card which also confirms the game’s date: 13th of November.


The game has yet to be announced by publishers Activision, although it’s meant to be pimped for the first time during the NBA play-offs on the 1st of May.

Expect men in chairs, and cigars.



  1. In other news, the sun will rise tomorrow.

    • Wanna bet? :P

      • Yes, I’ll bet on that please, I can’t lose. If it doesn’t rise, I’m dead. If it does, I win. £10,000 on the sun to rise tomorrow please. I want evens.

      • I live in the North Pole.
        Sun ain’t rising here, gotta wait for the summer.

    • Not if you live in the UK :)

    • Can I just confirm the sun did rise today and that this is another Call Of Duty game I won’t bother playing.

    • One person makes a joke, and too many people drag out that joke with one reply after another by different people. What’s with people on this site?

      • Leave it out Radiitz

      • Please excuse me for pointing out the painfully obvious, friend…

  2. I assume you’ll just copy/paste the subtitle for the review, followed by a score of course?

  3. …and the world explodes. Isn’t really much to say about it really. Yay Blops 2 >.>

  4. Well before making my decision I want to see where and when its set. I dont particularly enjoy COD but if its good I have no qualms with buying it (not for an inflated price though im not that silly!).

  5. I bought MW2 yesterday…

    • I hope you bought it for the campaign then, good luck getting in a legit multiplayer lobby!

      • Only really got it for private matches with friends, although when in multiplayer to try an level up just to get the equipment, the lobbies aren’t too bad. A bit sparse, but still relatively lag, and cheater free.
        The thing that kinda sucks though is that I had to get it on xbox…damn my friends for not having ps3s!

  6. I hope they keep what was good about BlOps, like split screen system link.

  7. Going to have to be very good to tempt me to buy it, definitely won’t be a day 1 purchase, maybe for xmas if I hear good things about it.

    • Same. Just about found it acceptable that MW3 used the same engine as MW2 to complete the trilogy, but Blops will not be purchased unless significant improvements have been made to graphics, sound and MP (not running like crap). Hopefully it won’t be another buggy Xbox port.

      I actually enjoyed the campaign, Treyarch’s stories are usually pretty good.

      • I found the campaign good fun, but I didn’t think much of it. Too confusing and the characters weren’t that good, I couldn’t tell you for the life of me the main characters’ name.
        And I just hope for an online that works and isn’t laggy, didn’t even notch up more than a day’s game time it was so bad.

      • True, I don’t know the guys name, but locations etc were varied enough.

        MP was the issue for me, as you say lag was terrible and I honestly think it has some of the worst gun sounds on PS3. CoD points was tacky, I didn’t even like the menus compared to MW, and the challenges and even what class the Perks had been organised into. Guess I’ll have to wait and see what Blops 2 is like. Zombies will be a big decider for me as I spend hours playing with mates!

  8. The only way I’ll buy this is if it’s on the Vita.

    • As much as i want some FPS on Vita this franchise still leaves me cold.

    • must admit I will go for the Vita version as well.

    • Me too. I’m planning on getting a vita this year, but only if it gets some good games. I don’t really like COD that much on console but it seems perfect for a portable console.

  9. Tbf, I did quite enjoy Blops, hopefully they do something interesting with this.

  10. Yawn. So sick off this overhyped game with horrible graphics.

    • Agree

      • Think it’s a bit far calling the graphics “horrible”.

      • Have you seen the other major titles that come out? All 720p, 600p is now 6 years old. Time COD graphics were upgraded!

      • utterly agree but then im a PC gamer, the CoD engine is awfully antique compared to many of the engines ive had the pleasure of playing with.

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