Here’s The Portal 2 DLC Trailer

Perpetual Testing is the name of Valve’s Portal 2 DLC, coming to PC and Mac on May 8th. It’s basically a level editor that will mean users continue to supply you with testing chambers to play through. Forever.

Well, perhaps not forever, but for a while, at least. There’s no word yet as to whether this will make it onto other platforms but we can hope.


Predictably, for Valve and Portal, it’s quite funny.



  1. I hope they can bring this to PS3.
    I liked the way UT3 allowed PC mods into the game, could they not do something similar here?

    • It would certainly be nice if they could at least make the newly generated levels accessible on all platforms.

      • Just thinking the same myself, build them on a pc play them on a ps3

  2. Didn’t Gabe say before that the levels made on PC will be playable on PS3 and 360? But you can;t make any?

  3. Haha, nice. A great idea, delivered with typical Valve panache. Looking forward to seeing what a community can do with the editor!

  4. Ok, so is this just some levels or an easier editing tool?

  5. this video just made me realise how much I miss portal, must play it :)

  6. Great video. I haven’t played Portal 2 in a while… Might have to get back on it once the community came up with some epic levels.

  7. Gosh darnit, flippin work firewall making me miss out on Portal 2 related media.

  8. Half Life 3?

  9. Better late then never i guess.

  10. :)

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