Mass Effect 3 Challenge Weekend Arrives On PlayStation 3

An update on the official PlayStation blog has signalled that Operation Exorcist will be available to PlayStation 3 Spectres after all. The news comes after earlier reports that the bounty challenge would only be available on Xbox 360 and PC. According to Admiral Hackett, Alliance network hardware had previously run into” incompatibilities.”


The event will go live tomorrow at 2.00AM. To beat the community goal, players must collectively gun down 1,000,000 of those pesky Cerberus Phantoms. To participate, players must go into the multiplayer settings for Mass Effect 3 and toggle the “Upload Gameplay Feedback” option.

For those looking to go a step further for the Alliance, BioWare will be issuing additional awards to squads who reach wave 10 during any scenario when playing on gold difficulty.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog



  1. No. ****ing. Way.

  2. By the way, a Phantom is only one melee charge hit from a Krogan.

    • They’re not very hard to take down at all. Just a bit pesky to find that’s all.

    • On Bronze and Silver, not on Gold though.

      • They’re well easy on gold if you have an adept with you (Tonycawley especially).

      • Sure if you have an Asari Adept, stasis is very very useful in Gold, and can be a massive life saver.

      • Stasis is good.

  3. Phantoms are the most overpowerd unit in the game. They one hit you with their ranged attack on gold if they get a headshot and the melee is nothing to sneeze at. The spawn rate is also ridiculous on gold, 4 or 5 at once is not fun

  4. I play the multiplayer on PC, it’s so hard to find a good squad to play on Gold. About 90% of the time people just do what they want and don’t play smartly like you should on Gold.

  5. Once I’ve done the last map on gold difficulty (5/6) I really doubt I’ll be playing the MP much anymore, it’s great but there won’t be much bringing me back a’la BF3.

    • Know what’d bring me back to it yogdog? Map pack release with trophies!

      Oh, and you’ve got 2 to do, mine and yours!

      • I hope to hell that happens, really want to play some new maps for a purpose!
        Fair point! :)

  6. Cool. Will start getting to it though. Can’t imagine its too hard though with the amount of people who play this online.

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