Fan-Made ME3 Comic Paints An Emotional Ending

It’s been more than a month since one of the gaming industry’s biggest kerfuffles in recent years. BioWare’s epic sci-fi trilogy may have gone out with a bang (a multi-coloured one, nonetheless) yet it has caused an undeniable rift in the series’ ardent fanbase.

It caused such a stir that BioWare is now feverishly working away on downloadable content that will explain and expand on the original ending.


For me, I thought the conclusion was utter tripe though I can’t place myself among the legion of “Retake Mass Effect 3” die-hards. I didn’t have to scour the final chapter scene-by-scene or converse on shady forums to recognise the number of loop holes tossed up, but that isn’t what upset me.

Mass Effect, to most of its fans, has always been centred around its strong cast of characters. To go into the final chapter alone made me feel disconnected and highlighted the fact that, even though I had been building Shepard’s character for well over 100 hours, I didn’t feel as though s/he could carry the pressure to make good on years of dedication.

If you happen to be in the same boat, then here’s something that is bound to put a smile on your face; that’s if you manage to fight back the tears. Compiled and edited by YouTube user “Nicholasfunstuff” this emotional retake of Mass Effect 3’s is based on the terrific artwork of DeviantArt’s suthnmeh.

When BioWare amends the ending to ME3, hopefully it won’t be too far off this great comic-inspired scene.



  1. My sister pointed my towards this the other day, was pretty good. :)

  2. Content not supported on my phone :-(

    Can you link me to the video where its hosted?

  3. “When BioWare amends the ending to ME3”
    They’re not amending the ending, they’re extending the ending to bring closure.

    Good video/comic though.

  4. the way that the video has been editing and the accompaniment really brings the art work to life

  5. SPOILERS! You have been warned.

    OI! I SAID SPOILERS!!!!!!!


    As a firm believer of the indoctrination theory the isolation in the last part of the game actually feels right. However this comic would fit that perfectly if you choose the red option as all that makes shepard…. shepard(his companions!), helps his mind fight back and destroy the indoctrination in his mind! And obviously blue and green should remain the same.

  6. Good video and artwork. Very emotional, what Mass Effect is all about for me.

  7. Why was that good, I found that more confusing that the actual ending, maybe have a team mate with you would have made it better. But why was all the characters there? some of those were dead!

    As Adlemus said, if the “indoctrination theory” was true then this would make more sense, but I am very much against that. I would prefer the ending that we got rather than it was a dream and we don’t even get to finish off the reapers.

    The only part that of that theory that I would like is that after braking the indoctrination then we got given more gameplay, got to actually fight Harbinger, since him missing from the ending was my biggest complaint, and then actually destroying the reapers.

    • This. For me the whole last section was a setup for DLC. All that happened was Bioware completely misjudged their audience and have been trying to limit damage ever since.

      It was almost as if EA had been involved.

      • Personally I don’t mind if it was a set up for DLC, I want DLC and if it extends the ending with more game play I’ll be happy. personally i thought they would do that from the beginning but releasing it for free like they are doing, but having it as the last bit of DLC and by playing each episode of DLC you unlock more military strength kind of thing that would then unlock the full ending.
        I like that idea as it rewards people for playing the DLC, but i know a lot of people will hate than saying that they’re being forced into playing the DLC, but it was the same with unlocking a better ending by doing side quests.

      • @SH Number 7/Mini-Lipscombe

        You seem to be missing my point. I too would like and indeed will buy DLC. The lack of a proper ending however, was a very dirty ploy imho as it forces players to cough up money to play what should have come with the game.

        They are giving it away free as the alternative was losing the majority of their loyal customers who had already looked the other way over DA2. You cannot compare the need to complete side missions to having to part with cash.

  8. Well, I finished the single player yesterday. I don’t see what all the fuss is with the ending. Sure, there’s some things left unexplained but the DLC should change that.


    Just wondering what endings everyone chose. I chose to control the Reapers, as the Synthesis choice was stupid and the “Destroy” option would kill the Geth too, who I’d helped earlier in the game.

    • Synthesis essentially wiped out everyone, that essentially is what the Reapers where doing. Well every ending essentially wipes out everyone as without the ME Relays every race in the known galaxy is stranded on earth and the krogans will eventually get hungry.

  9. Interesting, i wonder if Shepard’s friends helping him is him actually remebering what he is fighting for thus breaking free of Harbinger’s control and will wake up only to find out that the true fate of the universe is still being decided.

    The endings are weak and was suprised to see that there was not a you feck up big time so everyone dies ending. Also, Harbinger seems to be a lazy reaper in ME3.

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