dtp entertainment Has Filed For Insolvency

German publisher, dtp entertainment, has filed for insolvency, which puts the release future for Awesomenauts in jeopardy. Jasper Koning, from Awesomenauts’ developer Romino Games, said:

“At the moment we’re unsure what this means for AwesomenautsThey’re “working hard to try and resolve the situation.”

Awesomenauts was supposed to release May 2nd on PSN and XBLA. Kris played the game back in October last year saying,  “I want to get my hands on this again.” Let’s hope the games’ future is sorted soon.

Source: Joystiq



  1. I read some comments on IGN about this and i don’t really understand the problem with Sony just publishing the game on Wednesday. It’s ready for release.

    • Perhaps due to the fact that their debts would only increase once the game is published, since publishing to the store costs up to “$40,000”. As for Sony publishing it, they would have to acquire the rights first.

      • i would imagine if they had to pay that fee, they’d have done so more than a few days before the game was due to launch.

        i would say hopefully some sales of the game would help them out, but given that the game was due to be featured as a freebie for plus subscribers i don’t know what the financial situation would be.

        surely releasing the game would be the best way to recoup some of the debts.

    • It’s not a Sony property. The rights of distribution belong to dtp. Should they go under the rights will transfer somewhere else, probably to the developers. It’ll then be up to them if they publish themselves or go with someone else.

  2. How long until Hazel rants about another broken promise from Sony?
    On a serious note, bad times but they’ll never release a game not knowing who’ll get paid 1st.

    • using something like this as an excuse for an attack is clearly more your shtick than mine.

  3. Oh

  4. I would have thought that Sony should be paying them to release it, what with it supposedly free on Plus.

    Shame though, I hate to see people lose their jobs which is inevitably what’s coming next.

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