Awesomenauts Will be Free To Play On PC From May 24th

Ronimo Games has confirmed that its side scrolling MOBA Awesomenauts will be going free to play on PC from May 24th. There’s been no similar annoucement as of yet for the console version Awesomenauts Assemble. To mark the beginning of this change update 4.0 rolled out which has changed the progression and customisation systems.


Players will be able to earn the new in game currency Awesomepoints to unlock characters, portraits, and drop pods. These points can be earned through matchmade games and the co-op vs bots mode. The only way to acquire character skins however will be through using real money. Those who own Awesomenauts prior to May 24th will receive a Founder medal, while those who own the game as well as the Starstorm and Overdrive expansions will get all playable characters unlocked when the transition happens.

A beta to test the free to play version is running up until launch, and those interested can sign up here.

Source: Press Release

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  1. One of few MOBAs I truly fell in love with. Hopefully this will bring more player on board.

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